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The popularity of hybrid is increasing

Moderization are taken effect day by day in Bangladeshi car using. High powerful Hybrids car are added in the car using sector from the last few years. Not only has this car run with oil but also with battery. Besides these cars are very speedy and fuel savers. When a general car runs 7/8 KM per liter, a hybrid car run 20 to 28 KM.

Hybrid car

Hybrid car

Hybrid car is new addition in Bangladeshi car Market. When a car is running with oil, its battery becomes charging at a time. When the battery is finished recharge, the fuel line disconnects itself. The car runs with the battery. For this reason fuel cost remains low. And it is also helpful for the rent a car sector. Though the Hybrid car’s power is 1500 cc, it will gives you 1800 cc power.

But the price is high, so the sales are not increasing according to its demand of this environment friendly car. When Bangladesh imported the this car at first, Bangladesh government was helpful. At that time the taxation was 61% for this car. But the last year it has been increased to 155% according to CC. For this reason the sales of Hybrid car are fallen. So it should be remain same the tax as before.

Which car you should buy-old or new?

Are you willing to buy a car? But you can’t decide which car will be bought? New or old (recondition)? Then know some important information before your buying old or new car.

Old cars

The businessmen are saying, the old car may not be beneficial though it will cost lower at the beginning. Because, there is no after sale service. There is no guarantee for certain period.  So evaluating different matters it will be better to buy new car than old and it will be better for long term. Besides new one is better than old one if we think about environment.

The distributor company of Toyota Bangladesh Navana’s head of the sales Hamidur Rahman let us know, “The car which we imported, those cars are imported after thinking the situation of our country’s roads condition, environment condition, oil condition above all several situation keep in mind. For this reason you will get better service from a new one.”

According to Hamidur Rahman, various kinds of switch, device, boards etc are used in the car like electronics products. So these kinds of parts’ longevity doesn’t remain same after few days. Besides, the old vehicle is harmful for the environment. Because, led or sisha comes out from these cars. And comparatively led or sisha will be fewer in the new cars. For this reason at the developed country, they have to pay high taxation for renewal of these cars. For this reason the Japanese don’t use these kinds of cars and we imported those from them.

In this matter, the head of the Honda sales department says, it is better to buy a new one than old one.

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