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More earning from tourism

More earning from tourism –

DIFFERENT projections established tourism as the fastest growing service industry in the world with good prospects in a large number of countries apart from the handful of countries that presently draw a maximum number of tourists. Hence, it has the potential to experience a boom from a wave of first time visitors. Besides, it has many places of attractions for the tourists.

One big reason for Bangladesh actually receiving a much lesser number of international tourists than it should is the lack of publicity regarding its tourism attractions. The government’s tourism promotion body, the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC), has been rather ineffectual in launching and sustaining a campaign in the international tourism circuits about the pleasures of tourism in the country. The commercial wings of the diplomatic missions of the country could play a useful role in this area.

It is imperative to good the BPC and the foreign missions to take up regular tourism related promotional activities. Bangladesh can earn notably bigger amount from tourism than its present earnings and the same can be of much support to its economy when its few export items like ready made garments and shrimps are facing adverse competition. Investment in this sector can be quite gainful. Investors in the domestic sectors of the Bangladesh economy are in search of sound investment areas. It is one area where the returns on investment can be attractive. Domestic tourism in the country, of late, has been showing sharp uptrend’s and the investors can exploit this business opportunity by adopting innovative ways.

Tourist resorts of international standard can be built in the country’s offshore islands and coastal areas. Private sector investors need to be encouraged by the relevant ministry to take up such projects. The government, on its part, can build supportive infrastructures in these potentially lucrative sites and in other areas leading to them so that the investors find it worth their while to take up projects in these areas.

Expansion of this sector is important because it will create jobs and demand for construction materials and other goods and services. Locally, around the tourist sites many services are likely to sparing up. This in turn, is likely to create jobs and economically gainful activities on a bigger scale.

In order to provide back up to the initiatives of private entrepreneurs in the tourism field, the government will have to relax its present outdated rules that deny foreign tourists many of the things they take for granted in countries. Where it has flourished. Extreme rigidity in the selling of alcoholic drinks and allowing of night life that are integral part of tourism internationally, discourage foreign tourists from coming to Bangladesh in increasing number. Therefore, it would be only sensible to drop such prohibitions in an around the tourists spots or at least in tourist spots designed exclusively for the foreign travelers.

Quality of bus service

Quality of bus service

Improved bus service has been encouraged in Dhaka City for the last several years to facilitate easier and comfortable travel. A World Bank aided project contributed specially to this end and a number of private bus companies sprig up in the period with the aim of providing better bus services to people. The companies started off by rendering good services at the outset and sustaining the quality services. However, these services are declining much to the dismay, annoyance and inconveniences of passengers.

It appears that private bus service that earned distinction such as Premium, Nirapad, and to some extent even the state run Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) service have deteriorated in quality. The carrying of limited number of passengers against one seat, etc that has been the distinctive features of these services are seen violated frequently nowadays. Besides, the buses are let our for private trips and the like that causes shortages of vehicles in city services which in turn much increase travel time as schedules of services cannot be maintained.

Therefore, people who have developed the habit of using these services cannot think of an alternative, feel that they are being exploited. The fares charged by these exclusive bus companies, except the state operated BRTC one, are substantially higher than that charged by the ordinary services.

Bus services were promoted in Dhaka with the hope that this form of travel would fast gain acceptance among different categories of commuters in the city. This would reduce dependence on rickshaws and tree wheeler such as baby taxis that create jams and are environmentally hazardous respectively. People’s response to the new bus services was also good. The authorities, thus, are requested to give their attention to pulling up the standards of bus services in the city.

Drive against old cars & vehicles

DRIVE against cars & vehicles which are old and in dilapidated condition has been launched in the capital from the New Year’s Day as many of them though don’t have any fitness certificates used to ply freely on the city roads creating much inconvenience to the traveling people and polluting the environment. As many as eight thousand motor vehicles of different categories would be restricted following implementation of the government decision putting ban on Ping of above 20- years-old buses, mini-buses, tempos auto-rickshaws and 25-year-old trucks in the city.
The drive is going to create, no doubt, good impact in the transport system many of the vehicles which are not fit for carrying passengers went off the cit roads yesterday following the drive launched by the police. At least 30 per cent of the total 
cars & vehicles of different types of categories went off the streets apparently giving a much more comfortable look and an eased situation for the city traffic which remained congested earlier. Though the move caused some inconvenience to the traveling people on the first day as many of them had to wait in long queues to catch a bus for returning home after attending the office but they expect that the problem would be resolved by putting in more good and new buses in different city routes.
The police along with the officials of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), the official body to look after the fitness of the vehicles, started checking the transports from the first day of the New Year in the
city. The drive has been launched following directives from the highest authority of the Awamiligue Government to streamline the transport system and make the city free from pollution as part of its 100-day action plan.
The obvious question arises how all these old cars & vehicles which were not fit could ply on the city roads with ‘fitness” papers. Alleged corruption helped many o the owners get fitness certificates and there had been no checking of the vehicles. Both BRTA and police also must be Strict in discharging their responsibilities reposed on them in this regard. Collective and sincere 
efforts, obviously, of all will help improve the situation and create the condition for comfortable traveling in the city without any pollution and congestion.

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