25 People Share Their Hotel Hacks And Traveling Might Never Be The Same Again

25 People Share Their Hotel Hacks And Traveling Might Never Be The Same Again

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When you come to stay at a hotel, usually all that you want are the basics: to relax, watch a movie on TV, get a good night’s sleep, enjoy some delicious English breakfast in the morning, maybe get some advice about what interesting sites there are to see nearby. The last thing that should be on your mind is how uncomfortable you are.
It shouldn’t take 5 stars for a hotel to provide the basics and make you feel welcome. However, the sad reality is that far from every hotel you stay at will be up to your standards. Luckily, people have come up with plenty of life hacks while you stay at hotels, especially bad ones. And one person’s hotel hack to get rid of the annoying gap between the curtains inspired others to share their own tips and tricks.
We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of hotel hacks to improve your stay and help you circumnavigate bad experiences as best you can. So scroll down, upvote your fave hacks, and share them with your friends. And be sure to leave us a comment with any hotel hacks that you might know as well.#1Image credits: rklau#2Image credits: vinylrabbit#3Image credits: JayHarris_SecWhen Rick Klau shared the hack where you can use a hanger to close the blackout curtains in your hotel room, the internet’s response was phenomenal. The hack was liked 396,700 times and retweeted 71,500 times. Klau’s post inspired other social media users to share their own hotel hacks, and some of them are brilliant in their simplicity.#4Image credits: R3ddittor#5Image credits: AlbertDumblestein#6Image credits: DrCSpencerBored Panda interviewed Dr. Gabor Forgacs from Ryerson University about the hotel industry, as well as the challenges it faces in the 21st century.“Technology is offered as an option for convenience but not as a replacement for service. Automated check-ins and wake up calls etc. are fine, however, it is a guest preference to choose them as a lot of guests appreciate the human interaction instead. Technology is used to expedite service (curbside check-in, messaging, digital coupons, etc.) not replacing it.”#7Image credits: kevputz#8Image credits: SanhoTree#9Image credits: IndignantBacon“How we leverage our data is important for hoteliers. We have a data-rich operational environment and we have to walk a fine line in terms of using our data sources for improving service without invading guest privacy and respecting sensitivities,” Dr. Forgacs said.“The philosophy of old school hoteliers, and I am one, still rules: we see everything, we know anything about our guests but never disclose anything, never reveal what we know and keep all that to ourselves. Best hoteliers are unassuming, discreet and highly knowledgeable.”#10Image credits: acroll#11Image credits: ohmercy_me#12Image credits: _j_o_e#13Image credits: shy_ferg#14Image credits: BrReg#15Image credits: themann00#16Image credits: BigMikeyOcho#17Image credits: WendoverCasino#18Image credits: eighthblackbird#19Image credits: melmor86#20Image credits: My_Public_Profile#21Image credits: clenprice#22Image credits: mcpat123#23Image credits: ChipBrown#24Image credits: boundbythecurve#25″Please be careful not to cover any air holes so you don’t disable the detector. Please remove the tape in the morning so maintenance can inspect the detector.”Image credits: Crooked50

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