29 ‘Smart’ People Who Thought Paying For Netflix Is Dumb And Tried Leeching It From Someone Else For Free

29 ‘Smart’ People Who Thought Paying For Netflix Is Dumb And Tried Leeching It From Someone Else For Free

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Netflix offers three streaming plans, starting at $9 per month and ending at $16 per month. However, for some people, that’s still too expensive. And there are a few ways they usually deal with it: a) swallow the bitter reality pill and pirate their favorite shows online; b) beg for someone else’s account information. Neither is necessarily better than the other, but if you’re considering the latter, remember, you might lose a few friends. These folks certainly have. They went to such huge lengths while desperately trying to hop on someone else’s Netflix membership, they gave up every bit of dignity along the way.#1 I Changed My Netflix Password And My Ex Came Out Of The Woodworks So FastImage credits: PrenterZacUnfortunately for those choosing beggars who actually get someone’s login information, Netflix has set out to prevent users from sharing accounts and restrict people from swapping passwords. Currently, users have the option of setting up different viewing profiles using one login. They must, however, purchase premium plans to watch Netflix on more than one screen. Some users are getting around this by sharing passwords with family and friends outside of their household.#2 He Wants My Netflix Password With Nothing In ReturnImage credits: YairDDDAccording to a survey by Magid for CNBC, roughly 10 percent of Netflix users do not pay for their accounts. All in all, about thirty-five percent of millennials share passwords for streaming services, compared to 19 percent of Generation X and 13 percent of Baby Boomers. Magid calculates that of Netflix’s 137 million customers, 13.7 million are not paying $9.95 a month, which equates to a potential $135 million in missed sales for Netflix each month.#3 So I Finally Changed My Netflix Password..Image credits: samuel_aaron_#4 Bratty Cousin Stole My Netflix Password And When I Changed It He Wants Me To Give It To HimImage credits: 69theenvironmnet#5 *give Me Your Password, It’s Not Like You Pay For It*Image credits: pwaconnects#6 Roommate Cancelled Netflix. Time To Move!Image credits: tementnoise#7 Dm Me Your NetflixImage credits: imgur.com#8 Netflix Pls Or U B**** Cross Post From R NiceguysImage credits: AruoraOkami#9 Friend Of My Ex Has Been Using My Netflix Details Without My Knowledge For Years. Calls Me Cheap!Image credits: The_Duff#10 Beggar Needs Your NetflixImage credits: kickassthunderdudes#11 I Got Dm’d By A Stranger Right After Posting About Being Excited For Evangelion Coming To Netflix. Apparently I Hate French PeopleImage credits: sketchy_shrimp#12 “It Costs $0.00 Not To Be Like This”Image credits: weateaboo#13 Dude From My School Who Thought I Was My FriendImage credits: bababro67#14 My First Choosing Beggar In The Wild, You Think You Know A Guy…Image credits: Gothic_Goldfish#15 Expecting Someone To Pay For Your Netflix When You Don’t Even Know Who They AreImage credits: Doomsday2507#16 After A Year Of Separation, She Says She’s Going To Use My NetflixImage credits: DJOK9R#17 When You Try To Use Your Small Following For Netflix Because You “Need It For School”Image credits: Lucky7DxL#18 Brother Who Refuses To Work Tries To Emotionally Blackmail Me Over Netflix SubscriptionImage credits: belikepepsi#19 Housemate Give My Netflix Password To His Girlfriend And Birthday PresentImage credits: aituyu92#20 So I Changed My Netflix Password And My Ex Hit Me Up… One Thing Men Never Lack Is The AudacityImage credits: Sandywichh#21 I Don’t Want To Pay So 1 Star (Netflix)Image credits: PulseNZ#22 Yeah I’ll Give You My Paid Netflix Account For Exposure On Your 28k Follower Instagram AccountImage credits: jiggleade#23 I Never Thought I Would Actually See A Netflix Beggar On My FeedImage credits: reddit.com#24 I Hope Her Aunt Never Pays The NetflixImage credits: WillieSpaz#25 Cb Wants Direct Access To A Netflix Account. P.s. No PiracyImage credits: indianidjit#26 So I Changed My Netflix Password & My Ex Who Was Leeching On It Decided To Communicate His DismayImage credits: affysayara#27 Epic Netflix DealImage credits: TWERKBONER69#28 Her Fiancé Makes 95k A Year. I Cancelled Hulu Before Because They Used It Constantly And It Kept Kicking Me. They Also Cancelled Their Netflix And Began Using Mine, But It Doesn’t Kick Anyone So No Issues. Now She’s Hinting At Hulu Again? I Don’t Mind Sharing But, They Can Afford $7.99 A MonthImage credits: Windows-1998

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