30 Airport And Travel Memes For Everyone Who Has Traveled At Least Once

30 Airport And Travel Memes For Everyone Who Has Traveled At Least Once

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Traveling by plane can be a real adventure. Or it can be a real pain in the behind. Your perspective probably depends on a lot of things that you can’t control, from the staff to the weather. But most people can agree on one thing: that flying can be a good source of inspiration for jokes, memes, and comical incidents.
Here at Bored Panda, we love soaring through the clouds in our Panda Plane and we love all the memes that get created by people who fly. So we made this list for anyone and everyone who’s ever soared through the heavens on an airplane and has been to an airport at least once in their lives.
Get your scrolling wheel ready for takeoff, upvote your favorite memes, and be sure to share them with your friends who either love or loathe airports. And if you’ve got any funny or horrible airport and airplane stories, we’d love to hear them, so share them with everyone somewhere in the comments!#1Image credits: cloxic#2Image credits: ikepoker#3Bored Panda talked about air travel and the changing industry to one Redditor who uploaded an incredibly popular airport meme onto Reddit’s r/funny community. The meme was so good that it got over 56,500 upvotes in just 3 days and sparked over 1,100 comments.According to the Redditor, “nothing beats flight in terms of speed and convenience, so it is understandable that airlines do not need to cater to every need of their customers — we have barely any other travel options available.”“However, airlines are protected by the law far better than the passengers are. For instance, the airline can downgrade or cancel someone’s ticket with no repercussions whatsoever,” they explained. “I’ve had this happen with United in the US and Lufthansa in the EU, and found no way to be reimbursed the money that I lost on those flights.”#4Image credits: alyssalimp#5Image credits: Bukkake_Monster#6The Reddit user agreed that the quality of air travel has dropped along with the price, however, things aren’t all bad: “The quality goes down with the price, but it’s not that bad. I mean, having an option to pay less, understandably, means lower quality of a service. However, when there are no options present, airlines will make you pay up even for the cheapest option. It’s all supply and demand.”According to the Redditor, there is a lot that airlines could do to make travel more comfortable for passengers. “But why would they?  Low cost airlines don’t really earn much on each basic passenger, so they either have to fill their planes in a sardine-like fashion, or charge more.”“Do not fly airlines that treat you like cattle. Pay extra, but pay to those who acknowledge your dignity,” they added.#7Image credits: unknown#8Image credits: ConnectYourDongle#9Sometimes, however, the most annoying things you encounter on your aerial adventures are your fellow passengers, not the airlines. CNN has compiled some of the most annoying things that other fliers do that really get on our nerves. Some of them are quite obvious. Others are much rarer.For example, most of us can get behind the idea that people who compulsively shake their legs have no place on planes, let alone any form of transportation, aside from riding on horses. You know what, I changed my mind—horses don’t deserve leg-shakers either.#10Image credits: mcwm#11#12People who loudly talk on their smartphones are also unwanted on airplanes: there’s no reason to yell into the receiver that you’ve just landed. Relax. Take a chill pill. Call your loved ones once you’re off the magical flying sky chariot.One other thing that annoys a lot of travelers is when their companions kick off their shoes and take off their socks; there’s a place for bare feet and it’s not on what essentially is a more aerodynamic bus. You wouldn’t walk around barefooted on a city bus, would you? Reexamine your life if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to that question.#13Image credits: humor_me_pink#14Image credits: Philchil23#15Image credits: saferon1#16Image credits: ripand-tear#17#18#19#20Image credits: Atrioc#21Image credits: travelmemes_#22Image credits: jklolrekt#23Image credits: baller.7x#24#25Image credits: lifeatpearson#26#27#28Image credits: MahicShah#29#30Image credits: Wittbrass

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