30 People Who Should Win The Prize For Injuring Themselves In The Dumbest Ways Possible

30 People Who Should Win The Prize For Injuring Themselves In The Dumbest Ways Possible

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Accidents and injuries can happen in the strangest places and the most peculiar ways. And most of us can agree that they occur most often when we least expect them. Plenty of us have hurt ourselves pretty badly doing mundane, routine, everyday tasks. While we might brag about the huge scar on our faces having come from rabid velociraptors that we fought off with only our bare fists, only our closest friends know that we really slipped on a banana peel and crashed into our fridge handle.
When the Super 70s Sports account asked Twitter users what the dumbest freak injury in their lives was, people rushed to share their experiences. As it turns out, people can be really fragile.
Scroll down to read through our list of hilarious and dumb injuries, and be sure to upvote the stories you enjoyed. If the stories made you smile or laugh, why not share them with a few buddies to improve their mood while they wait for the weekend? And if you have any experience with dumb injuries yourselves, share what happened with everybody in the comments! After all, grief (or in this case pain and shame) shared is halved. And joy shared is doubled. Be sure to scroll down for Bored Panda’s in-depth interview with Ricky Cobb, the founder of Super 70s Sports.
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Image credits: Super70sSports#1Image credits: markysumm#2Image credits: thefilmexciter#3Image credits: CasshateshugsRicky Cobb of Super 70s Sports told Bored Panda that the list of injuries in the Twitter thread “is so random and hilarious [that] it is almost impossible to single out” just one best answer.“But I have a special place in my heart for the guy who said he threw out his back reaching for a french fry on his dashboard. There is something beautifully relatable about that story — or at least there is for me!”#4Image credits: MimZWay#5Image credits: SezzaNZ#6Image credits: JeremyCowen“I think the only way to avoid freak injuries is to stop living life, so we’ve gotta get out of bed every morning knowing there’s a chance, ever how small, some unpredictable misfortune may befall,” Ricky mused. “Thankfully it doesn’t happen that often. And it’s nice that, on the rare occasions we fall victim to the improbable, we can at least share a laugh about it. To think that amazing thread was inspired by my own broken finger from doing what would seem the most innocuous of tasks — walking out of a bathroom.”#7Image credits: CoreyFarnham#8Image credits: fuzzyblumonster#9Image credits: Mar3sonsRicky also talked about the inspiration for his popular Twitter thread, as well as what motivated him to create Super 70s Sports.“I started the Twitter feed about five years ago just as a hobby. Figured I’d try to entertain my friends and make some new ones. It has been an incredible experience. I’ve always loved comedy, sports, and nostalgia. I thought some other folks might too. But I never would’ve thought over 300,000 followers was realistic.”#10Image credits: catstronomical#11Image credits: tjco1006#12Image credits: Arriko“I wanted to blend my love of sports, pop culture, comedy, and nostalgia into a place where people can share some laughs, interact, and enjoy a sense of community,” he explained to Bored Panda. “One of the best things about this tweet is it showcases the cleverness and wit of my audience which I believe is a big part of the appeal of my feed. Often they are funnier than me and this is a perfect example.”#13Image credits: thephoenix222#14Image credits: johngiampapa1#15Image credits: jvzanghiNobody wants to think that they’re not safe in their homes. But the truth is, plenty of accidents happen at home (just like lots of car accidents can occur near where you live because you may relax too much when thinking you’re completely safe).For example, in 2007, 2.7 million people in England were injured in a home accident. While in the United States, almost half of the accidents that lead to the deaths of young adults and children happen at home.#16Image credits: kuhnarchitekt#17Image credits: PuckmanRI#18Image credits: madamjujujiveThings that can seriously harm us are usually small: failing to put up a carbon monoxide detector, having a leaky hot water heater, an untucked carpet on the stairs, a slippery bathtub, a greasy kitchen or a malfunctioning garbage disposal unit. These are all things that can be the difference between life and death.#19Image credits: florilegia#20Image credits: themunson#21Image credits: RFactor35Statistically speaking, the kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms in your home that you’re most likely to get injured. Now, it doesn’t mean that you should curl up into a ball and hide under your bed for the rest of your life. But it does mean that you should be aware of sharp knives and wet floors. And if you’re working outside your home, be wary when you’re mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutter: you’re most likely to hurt yourself while doing those two things. If you want to keep your kids safe, give them some other chores to do than mowing the lawn.#22Image credits: laceltris#23Image credits: PoolWaiter#24Image credits: clhduncan#25Image credits: TattleTSister#26Image credits: tommentzer#27Image credits: SenorGreyGoose#28Image credits: Samuel_Hawkins1#29Image credits: _Rotten_Apple#30Image credits: Merican_BBQSnob

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