30 Women’s Everyday Problems That Perfectly Sum Up Life As A 21st Century Woman

30 Women’s Everyday Problems That Perfectly Sum Up Life As A 21st Century Woman

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“Romanian-Canadian artist and lazy fairy.” This is how Cassandra Calin describes herself and it’s kinda fitting. The well-known cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer is based in Montreal, Canada. She talks about her everyday life, personal experiences, and first world problems in witty and fun comics that many people from around the world relate to.
The artist’s cartoons are hand-drawn using Pigma Micron Pens (005 and 01) and a Sharpie permanent marker with Chisel Tip. Each comic can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to create, depending on how detailed it is.
Take a look at some of her newest comics below and make sure to follow the artist if you liked her work! Be sure to upvote your fave comics and share with your friends if you know they love cartoons and good humor. And also check out Bored Panda’s previous articles about Cassandra here, here, and here. Oh, and here as well.
More info: CassandraCalin.com | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Society6#1Image credits: Cassandra Calin#2Image credits: cassandracalin#3Image credits: CassandraComicsAccording to the freelance illustrator, the webcomic series Cassandra Comics is semi-autobiographical, borrowing some aspects and experiences from her own life.However, her comics are far from the only thing that Cassandra does in life. Cassandra the artist is well-known throughout the industry. Among the people and organizations she’s worked with are: CollegeHumor, Simon & Schuster, Mattel, Les editions les Malins, BOOM! Studios, etc.#4Image credits: CassandraComics#5Image credits: cassandracalin#6Image credits: CassandraComicsWhat’s more, the Romanian-Canadian is the author of the Still Just Kidding graphic novel. She also sells art prints on Society6, a website known for its artistic and creative crowd.Cassandra’s popularity is not to be understated. She has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram and almost the same amount of fans on Facebook. It’s no wonder because her art is very pleasing to the eye.#7Image credits: CassandraComics#8Image credits: cassandracalin#9Image credits: CassandraComicsDear Pandas, what do you think of Cassandra’s comics and artwork? Which of her cartoons made you smile and chuckle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and maybe even drop a word or two for Cassandra if she’s reading.#10Image credits: Cassandra Calin#11Image credits: cassandracalin#12Image credits: Cassandra Calin#13Image credits: cassandracalin#14Image credits: Cassandra Calin#15Image credits: CassandraComics#16Image credits: CassandraComics#17Image credits: CassandraComics#18Image credits: CassandraComics#19Image credits: CassandraComics#20Image credits: Cassandra Calin#21Image credits: cassandracalin#22Image credits: CassandraComics#23Image credits: cassandracalin#24Image credits: cassandracalin#25Image credits: cassandracalin#26Image credits: CassandraComics#27Image credits: Cassandra Calin#28Image credits: CassandraComics#29Image credits: Cassandra Calin#30Image credits: cassandracalin

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