33 Unexpected Disney Observations That Almost All Of Us Missed

33 Unexpected Disney Observations That Almost All Of Us Missed

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For most of us, Disney movies are nostalgic, reminding us of our childhoods and the cozy afternoons we spent surrounded by our loved ones. As we grow up, our perspective changes and we reevaluate some of the things in our lives. However, we usually don’t realize that we’ve got our rose-colored glasses on when it comes to the things that make up the foundations of our childhood.
To give you a new perspective about Disney movies, Bored Panda has collected the most unexpected and unusual insights that people have had about the films, probably while thinking about them while in the shower. So scroll down, upvote the shower thoughts that left an impression on you, and be sure to share with your friends. And let us know in the comments if you’ve had any peculiar or intriguing insights into Disney movies as well.
When you’re all good and done with this list, have a look through our previous posts about the most awesome things Disney employees have ever done, how Disney characters would look if they lived in the modern world, as well as Disney comics that might just ruin your childhood.#1Image credits: Aeonfluxuation#2Image credits: 5Bravo#3Image credits: WebcamsReviewedAmong the slightly disturbing shower thoughts is the theory that because no human beings are shown on the Lion King, the film could be set during any era, like a future where humanity has gone extinct and had to become ruthless and cold-blooded cyborgs to survive. Which is both cool and terrifying at the same time.Another insight is about how Beauty and the Beast would have to go on a monstrous shopping spree after everyone’s turned back into people (let’s just hope they get a discount at IKEA). Or how about the fact that ‘true love’s kiss’ probably means… well, you know… something that leads to princes and princesses being born 9 months later and new Disney movies being made 18 years after that.#4Image credits: glorialovelyface#5Image credits: 5Bravo#6Image credits: whitt_wanThere are a lot of dark Disney movie theories floating about the internet. They’re interesting, however, they might ruin your favorite films, so read on at your own peril. Digital Spy writes how one fan theory (one that many of you may have already heard before) is that ‘Aladdin’ takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. All because Genie referred to 3rd-century fashion and mentioned that he’d been stuck in his lamp for 10,000 years. If so, what exactly happened to humanity for everything to change so much?#7Image credits: 5Bravo#8Image credits: 5Bravo#9Image credits: CatwithTheDAnother fan theory is that Carl from ‘Up’ (a film that was released by Disney, even if it was produced by Pixar) may have been dead all along, while the kid named Russel is supposedly an angel trying to earn its wings. A third theory is that Anna and Elsa’s parents from ‘Frozen’ weren’t lost at sea, but ended up stuck in the jungle, the mother eventually giving birth to a boy whom we grew to know as Tarzan. Do you think such fan theories have any merit to them? What do you think about the unexpected insights into Disney films? What’s your favorite Disney movie moment? Share your thoughts in the comments.#10Image credits: choggner#11Image credits: CallistoCraters#12Image credits: skulltvhat#13Image credits: 5Bravo#14Image credits: Hot-coles2#15Image credits: Eggsmateo#16Image credits: theglassdinosaur#17Image credits: friedchickenshit#18Image credits: 5Bravo#19Image credits: hsojdoog#20Image credits: hoyadoing#21Image credits: AllynSea#22Image credits: 5Bravo#23Image credits: Orangeheart59#24Image credits: zibzanna#25Image credits: jck73#26Image credits: Non-Serious#27Image credits: CrankyOptimist#28Image credits: serenity78#29Image credits: jdauriemma#30Image credits: lucentnargacuga#31Image credits: b-y-o-boa#32Image credits: akka-vodol#33Image credits: 5Bravo

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