BMW’s new car ‘blacker than black’

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Black Exxon cars are more black than black.  Photo: BMW

To make the car lovers amaze, BMW is now producing a car whose color is ‘blacker than black’. This special model, named the X-6, will have been revealed to the audience at the BMW Frankfurt Motor Show.


According to a CNN report, BMW has introduced a special substance called the “Vantblack VBX2” in the car to make the X-6 ‘blacker than black’. It originates from a substance called ‘Vontblack’. Vontblock absorbs 99 percent of the light. For this reason it is now known as one of the black dyes in the world. However, the VantBlack VBX2 is somewhat different from the VantBlack. Because even though the black is the same as the Vantblack, the Vantblack VBXTU reflects light from all angles equally. And for this reason, VantBlack VBX2 is more useful in daily life.

BMW says the Vantablack VBX2’s blade gives the BMW X-6 a different look. The car’s lights and other designs are more appealing because of the black color in the mix.


X-Six Designed by Hussein Al-Attar. He said the Vontblack VBX2 re-design will think to designers. The BMW VantBlack X-6 model will be unveiled to visitors at the Frankfurt Motor Show from November 12-22.

Ben Jensen, founder of Surrey Nanosystems in the UK, discovered Vontbluck in the 2014. Vontblock is used to impose various instruments sent to space for viewing stars and stars. Jensen said he couldn’t accept the idea of ​​using a Vantblob in a car at first. However, in the BMW X-6 model, the colors look pretty good.

The VontBlack VBX2 is currently being used more in automated sensor components. Because those parts are less damaged by the sunlight at the same time, the performance increases.