Car rental in Dhaka

Car rental in Dhaka

Car rental in Dhaka

A car rental agency, rent-a-car or car hire is a company that provides rental cars for short or long periods. Its facilities are located mainly in the vicinity of airports, train stations and buses. They are often supplemented with a Web site allowing reservations through Internet. There are also Web sites, such as travel agencies online, comparing prices of major car rental agencies.


The car rental agencies meet the needs of two main sectors: tourism and business. They can also be useful as a replacement of the automobile itself, if this is out of service. Because of the variety of sizes of their vehicles, car rental companies can also meet the needs “self-moving” in the industry, renting vans, minibuses or trucks.

Rental rates

There are three groups of car rental companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh, each group offers different services: The first group of companies has its own cars (known as vehicle) and may have agreements with car manufacturers that these will provide cars to its vehicle. They possess own physical property.


The second group of car rental companies, generally called “brokers” works establishing commercial agreements with car rental companies in the first group in order to obtain access to their cars. They are quite useful to users and that these companies, in negotiating with various companies in the first group can get the best price for a given date and a particular place. These companies often operate primarily through the Internet, and are currently increasingly widespread use of social networks to create and maintain a direct communication channel to client-company.


The third group is companies that offer “renting” or car rental for long periods of time (minimum of 6 months to 1 year) for a substantially lower monthly payment. They are aimed primarily at companies that need to have vehicles for their workers. They own vehicle and own physical property.


To achieve universal classification and easy comparison of car rental prices, the association of the systems industry and car rental “ACRISS” standards developed coding system “ACRISS Car Classification Code”. This describes the size, number of doors, and type of gearbox (manual / automatic) and if the car has air conditioning, a simple code.

Rental Conditions

The car rental has different conditions depending on the geographic location where the company filed. Usually this should be returned to the rental agency in the same condition in which this was delivered to the user and depending on the share chosen, should not exceed the limits set on them depending on the choice either mileage, hours or days unlimited, because if this happens extra charges are applied to the final price of the service.


In most countries these agencies establish a criterion of age to have greater security; usually the average is within 25 years.


In some countries it is necessary to have a valid license from their own country and an international driving license. The international license is an official document that is currently valid in all countries and is necessary to drive a car in certain countries.


Most car rental agencies ordered as a prerequisite to use credit card to charge for any additional charges incurred for the return of the vehicle. Should not have a credit card you must make a cash deposit that will be returned at the end of the service.


Car hire comparators

Comparators, like airline tickets and hotels, there are comparators car rental companies that operate competitive rates of all companies renting in one location. Having a search engine just all rates lower than official rates prices are obtained by offering reduced rates to these comparators in order to not to lose customers. Prices usually higher than the rate included in their own websites to book.


SIPP codes or ACRISS

ACRISS stands for Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards (Standards Systems Sector Industry Association of Car Rental). The ACRISS codes are the codes assigned to the categories of vehicles to provide common standards when you rent a car through the different reservation systems. SIPP is also known as “Standard Interline Passenger Procedure” codes, as defined by ACRISS.

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