Covered Van

Covered Van Rental Bangladesh

All kinds of Covered Van Rental are available here. 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton to 10 ton covered van are available here to rent. You can rent the covered van in cheap from us. We are going every where in Bangladesh from Dhaka. Even you can hire our covered van from Chittagong to Dhaka or anywhere in Bangladesh.

Covered Van Rental

Covered Van Rental

We offered three types of covered van rental from us:

1. One way trip

2. Daily basis or

3. Monthly Basis

Rental rate is depends on distance and on goods load. We can discuss with the rent via telephone or at our office. Occasionally we will go to your door for discussion.

Any time just call us, we will go to you with our covered van and with labor if needed. For labor, you can discuss with us for the rent. But minimum 700 taka for one labor for one day or any portion of the day.

We are very expert in providing small covered van to our customer. Because, we have enough collection of these type of covered van. In anywhere in Dhaka city area, we have only one physical office but we can supply covered van to rent everywhere in Dhaka and near Dhaka district.

Covered Van Rent

Covered Van Rent

Please Calculate the fare yourself for allover Bangladesh. We will consider the Google Map distance.

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