Guy Asks For Help On Twitter After Someone Keys His Tesla For No Reason And People Deliver

Guy Asks For Help On Twitter After Someone Keys His Tesla For No Reason And People Deliver

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It‘s not everyday someone dares to step out of line, but when one does, they usually make sure not to get caught. Well, at least take a second to look around for the cameras that might be watching. But surely enough, not everyone is this careful. Some just jump in with their mischief trying to be swift and quick. Just as this man did when keying someone else’s Tesla. Little did he know he should have to think twice before doing that because the recordings from the good old Tesla are what got him into trouble. Scroll down for the whole story!

This guy, Justice Frimpong, posted on Twitter about someone keying his Tesla

My Tesla Model 3 was keyed by this guy in the Bay Area… Likes and RTs appreciated
— Justice Frimpong (@IIJustSupremeII) 22 October 2019

After he posted two still shots from the videos, his Tesla’s motion sensor cameras filmed the man keying his car, and the good people on Twitter advised him to look up all the cameras in hopes that at least one of them caught the direction of where the man was coming from and maybe even the license plate of his car.
With the fabulous front view of the damage the guy has done

Following Twitter’s advice, he went to the police with the footage

Sentry mode is @elonmusk
But still smh
— Justice Frimpong (@IIJustSupremeII) 22 October 2019

Luckily for Mr. Frimpong, the license plate of the criminal was indeed visible from one camera and therefore he was able to provide the police with a solid lead to the criminal.
Who were able to catch the criminal who denied everything at first

My reaction…
— Justice Frimpong (@IIJustSupremeII) 22 October 2019

He said that the man denied all blame at first: “With [the license plate] they were able to find him, and at first, he couldn’t remember being there, but when the cops told him they had the footage, it suddenly jogged his memory. He then confessed and “apologized”…”
But when the police told him they have the footage, it jogged his memory

Back Cam (before he keys it)
— Justice Frimpong (@IIJustSupremeII) 23 October 2019

After the police got his confession, the only thing left to do for Mr. Justice was… Well, of course, to get justice. So he went on and contacted the insurance company.
The Tesla’s owner, Mr. Frimpong, confirmed that he contacted the insurance company already and the man will have to pay for the damages

Back Cam (after he keys it. Maybe he wanted to check out his brilliant work??)
— Justice Frimpong (@IIJustSupremeII) 23 October 2019

“So, in the end, I talked to my insurance, and he will pay for the damages.” Let’s consider this a happy ending to yet another Tesla keying story and yip yip hooray for the technology of sensor cameras and the kind people of the Internet!
People on the Internet were in disbelief

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