Guy Illustrates How Stupid Technology Can Get (19 Pics)

Guy Illustrates How Stupid Technology Can Get (19 Pics)

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System32Comics (previously here and here) is a comic series that is based on, you guessed it, computer humor. But that doesn’t mean you have to fluent in C++ to understand them. All of these strips are based on everyday experiences of using a computer.
“I became obsessed with computers when I was about 15,” the creator of the series, Andrew Gale, wrote on Bored Panda. “I had always wanted to own a gaming PC but my parents couldn’t afford one. So, in an attempt to save money, I decided to try and build one myself and started researching the parts that I needed. The gaming PC has played a massive role in my life. Not only have I used it for gaming, but got into digital editing as well. It has taught me to edit videos, create animations and other digital art. This got me to a few first places winners in various film and art festivals and eventually lead me to create system32comics.”
More info: Patreon | Instagram | Facebook | | credits: System32Comics#2Image credits: System32Comics#3Image credits: System32Comics#4Image credits: System32Comics#5Image credits: System32Comics#6Image credits: system32comics#7Image credits: System32Comics#8Image credits: system32comics#9Image credits: system32comics#10Image credits: System32Comics#11Image credits: System32Comics#12Image credits: System32Comics#13Image credits: System32Comics#14Image credits: System32Comics#15Image credits: System32Comics#16Image credits: System32Comics#17Image credits: System32Comics#18Image credits: System32Comics#19Image credits: System32Comics

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