How many kinds of car and what are those?

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How many kinds of car and what are those?

Shakib has bought a new car. After meeting friends, everyone asked, “What car do you buy?” The car is a partial English word ‘car’. Although the three-letter word is easy to express, its variants are not singular. There are different types of vehicles on four wheels. These cars have different names depending on their appearance and design. Let’s find out the types of cars.

Sports and recreation

Although they look like sedan cars, these cars tend to be lower. The body of the car is attached to the wheels of a sports car. The spoiler is mounted on the boot of the back of the car. Spoilers are used to hold the car to the ground, helping to speed the air. Usually a sports car has two seats. Several sports cars, including the Toyota 86, Celica, MR2 can be found in the country’s market.

Sport Car


Not just sedans, but crossover cars in the middle, which are not the same as SUVs. These cars are generally taller than sedan cars and lower than SUVs. Wheelbase also remains large at crossover. The ground clearance is not the same as an SUV, but the sedan remains higher than the car. These cars are also similar to the hatchback cars. Several crossovers including Honda Vezel, OOD Kyoto, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Nissan Juke, Hevel H2 are popular in the country car market.

Cross Over

The minivan

Although this is sounds small, these cars are not really that small. These kinds of cars can carry passengers as well as cargo. These kinds of cars are popular for carrying more family members or more passengers. These cars are known as micro in the country. Toyota X Noah, Voxi, Alford, Welfare, Hyundai are known as HW Minivan cars.

Mini Van

MPVs or MUVs

It can carry more than five passengers, and many see the hatchback type of cars as MPVs or MUVs. One of the advantages of multipurpose vehicle or multi utility vehicle is that these cars can also be used to carry the second and third row seats in the move. Several models of cars including Suzuki Artiga, Mitsubishi Expander, Toyota Avanza, Sienta are available in the market.

MPVs or MUVs

SUVs or SAVs

These are called sports utility or sports activity vehicles, abbreviated as SUVs or SAVs. SAV refers to high-end cars made by BMW within the automobile manufacturer’s company. The term SUV is more commonly used in other organizations. In our country these cars are known as ‘Jeep cars’. Although the Jeep is used by the United States Army manufactured by a US automobile company in 1987. Wheelbases of these cars are larger and have a higher ground clearance. These cars with five or seven seats are comfortable to ride. Sitting in high seats on distant paths, cars are gaining a reputation throughout the world. Toyota Prado, Harrier, Rush, Rav4, Mitsubishi Pajero, Outlander, Audi Kiosen, Nissan X-Trail, Haval h8 are among the cars.


The car which can be driven on mountain roads, muddy and slippery roads, or even in small water is called offroaders. The main feature of the offroad car is the wheel. The car has wheels to hose and hold the ground. He is accompanied by Four Wheeler. It has four wheels that can propel the vehicle in equal force. Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover and Nissan Patrol are among the cars in this category.

Off Roaders


Cars that are only used to carry more passengers, are known as commercial or commercial cars. From 8 to 12 passengers can be carried in this car. These cars tend to be taller than minivan types. The car’s engine space is quite small. This type of car is used more often in the corporate world or for traveling around with friends. The Toyota Hiace is one of the cars in this category.


Sedan is the one of the most popular cars in Bangladesh. Sedan cars are usually called vehicles that have an engine in the front, two rows of seats, and have a separate back space for carrying cargo. The glass in the back of these cars is adjacent to the seat. Later parts can be carried separately. In 2012, the word ‘Sedan’ was first used in the field of cars. Another name for the sedan car is the saloon car. Among the popular sedan cars are Toyota Premio, Allion, Axio, Mitsubishi Lancer, Atrez, Honda Grace, Civic, Accord and Nissan Bluebird.



We usually refer to a fixed roof vehicle. But if the car is like that, you have the chance to see the sky above your head or open. Where there is no barrier in the middle. Such cars are called convertible cars. The roof can be folded and stacked on the back of the car. It can be folded in rain or over heat (foldable) roof to cover the car with the opportunity to operate an air-conditioning machine. There are several cars in this category, including BMW i8, Toyota MRS, Honda S660.

Convertible Car


The difference with this type of vehicle is that with the hatchback sedan, this car has no space for boot space. Its boot space starts from the seat. The boot space can be seen directly by opening the glass or door behind the car. Toyota Fielder, ProBox, IST, Vitz, Suzuki Alto, Tata Tiago are good examples of such cars.

Hatch Back car

Diesel, gasoline, hybrids and electric

Only Tata’s has diesel private cars in the country in a row of private cars. The Tata Indigo ECS is a diesel car.

Most cars use gasoline or octane as fuel. Vehicles that use electric power as well as electric power are called hybrid cars. In cars that have hybrid options, those cars have hybrid logos. In addition, BMW refers to the hybrid vehicle model by adding ‘e’ to the last word of the model.

Plug-in hybrid cars carry the PHEV logo. PHEV cars have the option of charging. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, one of the BMW 740LE plug-in hybrid cars. Electric cars that are powered by electric or battery power are called electric cars. Electric cars are still not seen in the country because of the policy of electric cars in the country. However in the advanced world electric cars are occupied by Tesla, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Hyundai.