kuakata sea beach fits in economics of tourism

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kuakata sea beach fits in economics of tourism –
Kuakata sea beach of Patuakhali south-east is quite a spot for watching a scene sunrise and silent sunrise. Its sprawling sea beach is next to Cox Bazar’s. Tourist are already attracted. Besides greening, lodges, hotels are springing up.

With a 27-minute flight to Barisal, one from Dhaka can reach there in a day. One hardly misses infrastructural developments that are taking place around although at snail speed. Fishing is here thriving and main profession which contributes to the livelihood of about 10,000 inhabitants out there. Shrimp fries caught with special nets in deep saline sea water are readily consumed in hatcheries for culture in greater Khulna and among many types of fishes caught, silver Hilsa and Roopchanda are worth mentioning. Dry fish is abundant. Locally made handloom and woven clothes meet domestic demand as the people only use their own produce. The settlement is a mixed culture of locals with Burmese Mogs. The people are more contented than demanding and are not disappointed expect on this or that as they never expect anything like that and this is the essence of a self-reliant economy in a small pocket.

Nearby Kalapara The Payra sea port in Patuakhali is turning into a seaport for international trade and commerce and it is learnt that the navigability in the approaches and delta is excellent for heavy tonnage ships. The sea port is almost done by next years of 2020.

Therefore, it is seen that

kuakata sea beach is quite pregnant with possibilities and what remains to be done is a seriousness to exploit its untapped resources and other potentialities, side by side with the promotion of tourism.

There is a first time for everything and there are examples to show that many such neglected areas from Cape of Good Hope to Acapulco, Mexico were turned into tourist centers and ports amid poverty specially during late forties and early fifties.

kuakata sea beach sits and fits in economics of tourism and also international trade and commerce.