Transport: A Sector for energetic, intelligent and educated youths

Transport: A Sector for energetic, intelligent and educated youths

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Transport: A Sector for energetic, intelligent and educated youths

There is a lack of intelligent, educated and modern minded youth in transport business. Because this sector is famous as a complex, indiscipline and degraded sector so young businessmen are not interested in this port sector, drawing away its problem and complexities, Mr. Khaled Mosharrof, Owner of Khaled Rent a car, is the Youngest. He has been involved in this transport business after obtaining highest degree from CSE. In lieu of weak and inexpert management, Mr. Khaled is working to build up an efficient and powerful management system. Recently we had an interview with him where he spoke frankly and freely about transport sector

N.N: Young businessmen are not interested in transport sector for its complex and indiscipline atmosphere. How did you come?

K.M: I think that transport is profitable sector for education and intelligent young businessman. Energetic and intelligent young men must have to come forward to bring modernity to this sector. Because only young people can receive and fulfill a challenge. All the problems and hardness of this business will be driven away easily if young people come forward. Government should adopt special project to inspire young businessmen of this sector. I have been involved in this business with the consciousness of making a modern and public serving transport industry.

N.N: What problems and difficulties did you have to face in the beginning?

K.M: At first I had to face different kinds of problems. Especially when I went to meet the highest authority of any bank or big organization as owner, they were in a hesitant mood for my age. But they were convinced when I negotiated with them on different issues. In this way I hadn’t to gain their confidence by proving my accountability. Secondly, I had to suffer much to attract the attention of old transport businessmen to modern conceptions. Many businessmen want to work in old ordinary methods but we want to advance with new modern ideas and conception. Like online call system or like App systems.

N N: Government has arranged taxi-cab as the transport vehicle of middle class in lieu of scooters, but taxi cab has not succeeded to gain the acceptability of the middle class for its high fare. What is your comment about this?

K.M: Taxi- Cab can easily be turned into a middle class transport if the government takes some necessary steps. At present we are to import a taxi cab by paying 300% tax. If the government gives the permission of importing CNG engine car on 0% tariff, then the fare will be decreased as well as the importing cost. In this way the taxi cab will be available within the capability of the middle class. If it is done, a large amount of foreign currency of the government will be saved which is now being wasted yearly by importing petroleum.

N.N: What is the future of transport sector?

          K.M: Our modern transport system has started its journey very recently. There is a big market of transport business is expanding rapidly. Real competition has not yet started for the lack of sufficient businessmen. Financial and other government help is required to fulfill the demand of the market and to build up a public serving transport sector.

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