Quality of bus service

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Quality of bus service

Improved bus service has been encouraged in Dhaka City for the last several years to facilitate easier and comfortable travel. A World Bank aided project contributed specially to this end and a number of private bus companies sprig up in the period with the aim of providing better bus services to people. The companies started off by rendering good services at the outset and sustaining the quality services. However, these services are declining much to the dismay, annoyance and inconveniences of passengers.

It appears that private bus service that earned distinction such as Premium, Nirapad, and to some extent even the state run Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) service have deteriorated in quality. The carrying of limited number of passengers against one seat, etc that has been the distinctive features of these services are seen violated frequently nowadays. Besides, the buses are let our for private trips and the like that causes shortages of vehicles in city services which in turn much increase travel time as schedules of services cannot be maintained.

Therefore, people who have developed the habit of using these services cannot think of an alternative, feel that they are being exploited. The fares charged by these exclusive bus companies, except the state operated BRTC one, are substantially higher than that charged by the ordinary services.

Bus services were promoted in Dhaka with the hope that this form of travel would fast gain acceptance among different categories of commuters in the city. This would reduce dependence on rickshaws and tree wheeler such as baby taxis that create jams and are environmentally hazardous respectively. People’s response to the new bus services was also good. The authorities, thus, are requested to give their attention to pulling up the standards of bus services in the city.