River cruise: A joyful event

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River cruise: A joyful event

Abedio and Matin

It was really an immemorial event. Its pleasure can only be imagined. No pen is sufficient to describe the glamour and pleasure, above all, hospitality that the pompous even offered to the attending guests of Mahmudur Rahman, the Proprietor of the High speed Group of Companies,’ Who sponsored a unique river cruise on February 8, 2002.

It was the magnificent ‘Taqwa, a mege steamer owned by the host Mr. Rahman himself the fortunate carrier of about one thousand distinguished personalities of the capital that included diplomats, bureaucrats, journalists, business magnates, bankers, even housewives and their kids.

A clip bearing the message: ‘A Day ON THE RIVER enclosed along with the invitation card was itself enough to lure and attract the invitees not to miss the chance. This small message was enough to guess the extent of enjoyment that the participants would get from the cruise.

The ‘Taqwa’ started its journey from the High-speed Terminal (owned by Mr. Rahman) situated at Wiseghat and crossing four rivers it carried the guests up to the mouth of the Megna.

It was. In fact, a grand gathering’ of the people of all ages of different tastes, professions, races and nations. One had the rare occasion to find ones lost friends among the attending guests. This indicates to the extent of acquaintance and social contact that the host enjoys among people of different, Strata said one quest.

The host was always busy with his ever smiling face exchanging greetings and inquiring about the condition of his guest whether anyone of them had any problem in the ship. Even the little kids were not deprived of his warm handshake. A ray of pleasure, satisfaction and success ways glowing in his face.

One of the oldest employees of the ‘Taqwa’ said: “Mr. Rahman has been sponsoring this type of river cruise since 1991.” When asked what was the inner motive of sponsoring such and expensive trip, he said, “Sir, Mr. Rahman gets immaculate pleasure and content in inviting and entertaining guests that include his friends and well wishers,”

The cruise presented the beauty of the reverie real Bangladesh before the guests. Many of them recalled their childhood days how they jumped and swam or rowed country boats, or caught fish in canals and rivers. It also enabled the guests to comprehend the indispensability and importance of rivers in our communication, fishery, environment, irrigation and overall economic development. They realized the essentiality and significance of unhindered flow of the river the lifeline of the country.

The journey enabled the guests to have a sigh of relief breathing cool fresh air. Everybody irrespective of age and status enjoyed the journey with full contentment. Everyone forgot his, her status and position. There was little discrimination, at least from the side of the host. A sense of equality, fraternity and friendship prevailed everywhere. This was the day without any preoccupation or obligation or liability, monotony or disgust.

The cruise will remain ever fresh in those memories that adore real beauty and merriment.