Buy a second-hand car? The 10 things to keep in mind

Buy a second-hand car? The 10 things to keep in mind

What to consider before buying an old car?

  1. Decide which car to buy. Here are some things to know from the car dealer. For example, how many years has the car been used, when the car was built, and now how the mileage is being provided means that a liter of fuel goes the way.
  2. Keep your budget in mind when choosing a car. At the same time, you need to calculate the amount of fuel per kilometer you can use when using a car. That is, the budget is not just a car, but also a car expense after buying.
  3. You also need to know the current price of the car you have chosen. If you walk around a few showrooms, you will understand the market prices. You can also go to the second-hand car showroom.
  4. However, it is better to buy directly from the user than the old car showroom. Bought from someone better known. Because, in this case, it is possible to know exactly how he used the car.
  5. Now take a good look and find out if there is any fault with the car. Whether there is a broken or scratched spot on the outside or inside. Find out why.
  6. It is important to know why the car is being sold, whether it has caused an accident or not. It is best to seek the help of a known mechanic to determine if there is a problem with the vehicle.
  7. Before buying a car, you must test-drive it. While driving, be aware that any unusual sounds are heard. Even at this time, a partner should be kept who is aware of car.
  8. Check the car’s papers. Find out how long the tax is credited. Find out if the vehicle has an accident-related case and the owner or driver has a history of crime. Never buy papers if insurance, pollution control etc are not right.
  9. Know the safety and security of the car you are about to buy. If an older model car is going to buy, know if their car parts are available in the spare parts market, you should also find out.
  10. If you buy a car from the dealer, seek at least one year warranty. And if you have any doubts about the car’s license, contact the BRTA office to find out.

Government car is being wasted under the sky in Sreepur

In Sreepur’s cotton research, training and seed extension farm in Gazipur, several cars are now on the verge of collapse after falling under the open sky. Authorities did not take any action to protect these vehicles from years after years. The actual number of these vehicles or information related to them is not stored.

Damaged cars at Sreepur
Damaged cars at Sreepur

According to data from Sreepur’s Cotton Research, Training and Seed Extension Farm, the government of Bangladesh formed the Cotton Development Board at 1972 to expand cotton cultivation in the country, since the country’s independence, the main raw material of cotton producing was stopped. Currently, the work of expanding cotton cultivation through five regional offices is underway across the country.

Of these, the 152-acre area is one of the central farms of Sreepur in Gazipur. For a long time the mechanized damaged cars of these farms were brought to this farm in Sreepur, due to lack of storage space at various times.

However, the authorities have not made any decision regarding these cars. Authorities have not been able to provide the exact details of the vehicles, according to the documents, although 22 vehicles have been found under the open sky at present. The cars include jeeps, minibuses and trucks. That market value is several million takas.

GM Farhad Hossain, a Crop Agri farmer at Sreepur Cotton Research, Training and Seed Extension Farm, said the vehicles were brought here from other farms at different times after the farm was established. But we have no information about these cars. Though the cars worth crores of takas fall under the open sky, no decision has been made on the cars yet.

7 main reasons why your car may not start

What to do if the car suddenly stops on the road? Or some of the main reasons why your car may not start: –

  1. The main reason for not starting the car may be the absence of battery charge. Many times, keeping the engine off of the car for long periods of time, keeping the lights on, or turning on the AC or running a CD DVD, the battery may end up charging. If you still see the horn sounds, head lights can on and you think the battery charge is low then you can start the car by jumping on the cable from the vehicle’s battery by requesting the driver of another vehicle on the road.
  2. Due to problems with the ignition switch many times the car may not start. In that case, with the shift lever in the left hand, you move from P to N and N to P, and continue to start the car in the right hand.
  3. The starter motor of the car can also be the cause not being started many times. The vehicle starter motor may become jam or the connection may lose. The car’s starter motor is likely to be jammed after running 1,000 km. In that case you can start the car with the help of one. With a range or iron rod in your hand, attach the body of the starter motor to the engine body and gently hit one and letting the engine start working can be done.
  4. If the Push Start car has remote key, the car cannot be start when its battery damaged. In that case you can bring the remote key to the monitor and push it and see if the car starts. If it does not work, enter the remote key to the push button and start the car slowly. Later change the battery of the remote key.
  5. When the engine over hits, the car will not start but how do you know that the engine is over-hit? Look at the engine meter where the meter indicator is. If the meter indicator is between C and F, then the engine overheats, and then restarts when the engine cools down.
  6. There may be other reasons why the car is not started, such as the dirt trash on the Exhaust pipe, or if someone closes it himself.
  7. There are many other reasons such as there is no fuel in the car, no engine oil, no mission oil.

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