Every year London holds shows and exhibitions of different things appealing to the diverse interest of her cosmopolitan inhabitants.
From Chelsea flower show to the annual lager exhibition, each is unique in proportion and variety. “This is like being in Utopia” remarked one enchanted and enraptured viewer of the Chelsea flower show.
Every year London hosts about three to four hundred exhibitions, but, the display that transcends others in flamboyance, proportion and visible ostentation, is the annual London Motor shows. “It is unsurpassed, unrivaled and one of its kind” observed a local tabloid. This confident tone however, is not based on shallow pride but on hard tangible facts. From Fiat to Ferrari, From Saab to Suzuki you name it the show has it.
Being a car lover myself I made it my priority to go to the much-publicized exhibition at Earl’s Court. Not anticipating its monumental size, I had earlier visualized a car show with two to three hundred cars at the most. But, boy, was I in for a shock! Covering an area approximately of four football pitches the show was a spectacle to behold. Latest cars with their metallic polish radiating in the yellow lights. It seemed like a fantasy world.
Entering, my attention was caught by the latest TVR sleek and undoubtedly sexy the fabulous piece of wheels was rotating on a glass platform. A large line of mesmerized viewers marveling at her beauty with cries of wonder. A futuristic dashboard with all options (including a laser TV) reminded me of the Star Treck space deck. Crossing the TVR stand we came across Vauxhall, Seat, Peugeot and the car the Bangladeshis like most Toyota. I did not waste any time on these as all the models were of the same look with that often annoying aero-dynamic look.
With a red flag flattering and a lot of “wow’s” and dazzled eyes we came to the “Ferrari” stand. In all her allure the GTI was there standing with an arrogant countenance. The sophisticated curves, the distinguished poise sent a shiver of delight through my system. With admiration literally flowing out in one of the greatest cars stood there stuck by beside Ferrari was the stand of the car that is Vodka Martini “shaken prefers men who drink not stirred”.
Yes, we are talking about James Bond’s car Aston Martin, The V-8, the Vantage were rotating with an air of chastity. The heraldic sign of the Prince of Wales proudly hanging on the walls saying, that, like bond, the Prince is also a user. The stands of Lamborghini, better known as the Cleopatra of sports cars was occupied by people flashing away in frenzy. Stunned viewers went inside, came out with a look, as if to suggest that they had a short visit to heaven. The interior of the Lamborghini is absolutely “groovy”. Once inside the car I put my foot on the accelerator, shifted the gear forward and thought “If only this beauty had some petrol in her.” My reverie was broken by the restless persistence of the next viewer in the queue.
Our next target was BMW, and believe me guys I got a real treat, after taking a brief look at the Ford stand which featured the latest “KA” and “Puma” we went towards “LOTUS”. The “Elan” was there. Crossing Maserati, we went to the Mercedes show. The 300 SLK, the 220 and E class were being displayed. Having enough of new cars we headed for the upper floor. Here the crème de la crème of automobile was exhibited. The classics from the late thirties to early seventies shining with an unbelievable aura a price a price tag. The past world of automobile opened before me as went up. In line Ferrari 355’s 250’s was kept, Lamborghini Countach, Aston Martin D85 the one James Bond drove in “Goldfinger”, Dodge Viper, Lotus Espirit, Jaguar XJ7, E-type, XJS were all kept for the spectators to behold, praise and for some to be bold enough to buy. From staggering 250,000 and onwards the prices looked unreal. But, a 1953 Ferrari with a price of £500,000 “SOLD” sign written on it gave me an idea of the immense wealth of some people. Standing near a £35000 Ferrari Daytona was the buyer, rather unassuming, this guy owns five other Ferraris.
There were the Rolls Royce’s all glittering in the light. Phantom, Silver Ghost, Camargue sitting on a stand competing with one another. The dazed viewers going around and some of them drinking Champagne at the counter an indication that they had just parted with a few million for another car. Ferrari merchandise were being sold, and people were just buying like crazy. Ferrari shops were all red, and Temptation was put to test when anyone came near them. From stickers to writing pads from T-shirts to wallets all were there embroidered with the famous Ferrari logo.
“The best way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it” remembering Oscar Wild’s words I wasted no time and went on a shopping spree. By this time the exhibition was coming to its closing time. With one last look at the marvelous array of auto beauties, in a trance, I finally started for home. Being at the Motor show was dream fulfilled. But, I have one more dream, that is to drive a Ferrari or an Aston Martin or a Lamborghini Miura or a Viper. But for the time being think I shall have to be satisfied with my Toyota, definitely with a Ferrari sticker on it.


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