Government car is being wasted under the sky in Sreepur

Government car is being wasted under the sky in Sreepur

In Sreepur’s cotton research, training and seed extension farm in Gazipur, several cars are now on the verge of collapse after falling under the open sky. Authorities did not take any action to protect these vehicles from years after years. The actual number of these vehicles or information related to them is not stored.

Damaged cars at Sreepur
Damaged cars at Sreepur

According to data from Sreepur’s Cotton Research, Training and Seed Extension Farm, the government of Bangladesh formed the Cotton Development Board at 1972 to expand cotton cultivation in the country, since the country’s independence, the main raw material of cotton producing was stopped. Currently, the work of expanding cotton cultivation through five regional offices is underway across the country.

Of these, the 152-acre area is one of the central farms of Sreepur in Gazipur. For a long time the mechanized damaged cars of these farms were brought to this farm in Sreepur, due to lack of storage space at various times.

However, the authorities have not made any decision regarding these cars. Authorities have not been able to provide the exact details of the vehicles, according to the documents, although 22 vehicles have been found under the open sky at present. The cars include jeeps, minibuses and trucks. That market value is several million takas.

GM Farhad Hossain, a Crop Agri farmer at Sreepur Cotton Research, Training and Seed Extension Farm, said the vehicles were brought here from other farms at different times after the farm was established. But we have no information about these cars. Though the cars worth crores of takas fall under the open sky, no decision has been made on the cars yet.

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