The charm of Baldha Garden

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The charm of Baldha Garden –

Located in the middle of busy and busting area of the old part of the Dhaka city. The Baldha Garden, covering an area of 3.36 acres of land contains rich and unique collection of indigenous and exotic plants and trees . It is one of the city’s most exciting attractions for naturalist and tourist. The garden started in 1909. It was founded by Babu Narayan Roy Chowdhury a naturalist. Philanthropist …..of Baldha Garden. It has …of walled….Nowab street at wari. The units are authentically named ‘Psyche ( the soul) and “Cybele”) the mother of goddess of nature) The Psyche is the earlier construction completed in 1936; Cybele was started in 1938 and completed in 1940…………………..did not improve. The garden was then handed over to the government in 1962. The forest department then under took a development scheme for renovation in the garden. This helped somewhat in importing the past glory of the garden. Many of these are exotics and more plants about 50 different countries of the world. They represent varied climatic zones and many of them have been cultured and ….in the garden un…artificial conditions. The plant collection in the garden may be classified under seven main groups namely. i) The orchids. Ii) The cactus iii) the conservatory plants v) The roses vi) The rockery and wall plants and vii) The arbooreturn and nature cellaneous flora. Some of main features of these …are noted below.

The orchids: The garden houses more than two thousand orchids covering fifth genera and fifty specie. Indigenous and exotic…Continued efforts are tiredly being made to ….the stock through collection of more indigenous exotic species.

The cacil: The garden…..the country’s rich collection of cacti. There more than two hundred trees of each in the garden cover nine generas. The …are mostly of Mexican Arizonan origin; Most of …..blossom at night in different colors shape size and as such to a visitor the ……a great experience …..visitor in February may come across a beautiful golden foligated …cactus variety which different from the local cacti whose pink red flowers look like. These are the famed Llias that inspired the Bengali poet. Rabindranath Tagore during his visit the garden in the twenties of his famous poem …….was born.

….a  conservatory plants: …are large groups of which grow in special environmental conditions. Plant grows in shades. Some on floors, Some in moist humid sites. Again. There are plants in the garden which do not even belong to the tropics. These plants, therefore, are being reared under special conditions in different plant houses including four green houses, two in psyche and two in Cybele.

Aquntic plants. There are about 150 lily ponds and lotus tanks in the garden and in summer when the lilies and the lotus are in full.