This Guy Has Been A Plumber For 2 Years, And Here Are The Crazy Things He’s Seen On The Job (30 Pics)

This Guy Has Been A Plumber For 2 Years, And Here Are The Crazy Things He’s Seen On The Job (30 Pics)

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Structural inspectors aren’t the only ones who can tell if you’re living in a shitty home. Plumbers can do that too. Recently, a plumber who goes by the nickname Bfizzle shared just a fraction of all the weird stuff he has seen on the job (unfortunately, Verizon lost a bunch of photos when he changed phones), but it’s clear that too many contractors simply don’t care what they’re building.#1 Your Sewer Is BlockedImage credits: Bfizzle”I’m 27 and live in the greater Seattle area. Been a plumber for 2 years and an apprentice 3 years before that,” Bfizzle told Bored Panda. “I’d say one of the most common reasons I get called is because a house has cheap plumbing. For example, if you buy a $50 toilet, you’re going to have issues with it in the near future.”Even a leaky faucet can become a big deal. For example, if it drips just once per second, it still can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year.#2 Candles Left On The Toilet TankImage credits: Bfizzle”Another big thing is that home builders don’t ever think ahead, I had to replace a shower valve yesterday and there was a fireplace behind it so the only way to access it was to smash the tile inside the shower,” the plumber explained.#3 In A Chinese RestaurantImage credits: BfizzleAccording to the professional, the easiest way to make sure your plumbing is in good condition is to make sure it’s up to code. “The plumbing code exists for a reason, and just because an inspector passed off on it doesn’t mean it is. Inspectors don’t go in your crawl space and aren’t really even tested on their code knowledge. A certified plumber will know.”#4 Reach For ItImage credits: Bfizzle#5 A Repurposed ToiletImage credits: Bfizzle#6 I Guess It WorksImage credits: Bfizzle#7 Neat Tub ShowerImage credits: Bfizzle#8 Don’t Like The Leak? Put A Cork In ItImage credits: Bfizzle#9 What Did You Eat Sir?Image credits: Bfizzle#10 Homeowner Did A Remodel, Needed To Downsize The ShowerImage credits: Bfizzle#11 The Day After Taco BellImage credits: Bfizzle#12 Also Found DiggingImage credits: Bfizzle#13 Homeowner Fixed His Own LeakImage credits: Bfizzle#14 Why Does My House Smell Like S**t?Image credits: Bfizzle#15 This Is Why Your Faucets Have Low FlowImage credits: Bfizzle#16 Another Repurposed ToiletImage credits: Bfizzle#17 How Not To Stop A LeakImage credits: Bfizzle#18 Big Apprentice, Small Crawl SpaceImage credits: Bfizzle#19 Yet Another Handyman SpecialImage credits: Bfizzle#20 The Handyman SpecialImage credits: Bfizzle#21 That’s Not How Grounding WorksImage credits: Bfizzle#22 This Is Why Your Kitchen Drain Backs UpImage credits: Bfizzle#23 No WordsImage credits: Bfizzle#24 Don’t Flush TamponsImage credits: Bfizzle#25 An Old Water HeaterImage credits: Bfizzle#26 How Not To Stop A LeakImage credits: Bfizzle#27 That’s Not How Venting WorksImage credits: Bfizzle#28 That’s One Way To Replace A Water HeaterImage credits: Bfizzle#29 Hose Bib Leaking? Slap Another Valve On!Image credits: Bfizzle#30 Found UndergroundImage credits: Bfizzle

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