Mirpur Dargah


About eight miles to the north-west of the city, near the village of Mirpur, approachable by motorable road, stands the famous mausoleum of Shah Ali Baghdadi known as Mirpur Dargah.


To this shrine thousands of people pay visit during the rains. The main tomb is a single-domed square building, measuring 36 feet each side externally. Close to it there is a mosque, which was originally built in A. D. 1480 but in 1806 was completely renovated by Shah Muhammad Sahib of Maghbazar. The outhouses, which are seen within the compound, were built by Nawab Sir Ahsanullah Bahadur.
According to a later inscription, fixed in 1806, in the mosque, Hazrat Shah Ali came from Baghdad along with forty other saints in order to preach Islam. He settled at Mirpur and devoted himself to his self-chosen work. In 1577 he died, and was buried here. Mysterious stories are told regarding his death.

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