Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall

Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall Dhaka

It is situated on College Road close to Curzon Hall, and was built during the first partition of Bengal. Originally it was Engineering hostel, when the Ahsanullah Engineering School was located within the compound of Curzon Hall. In 1921, it was given over to Dhaka Intermediate College. Since July 1942 it has been named Fazlul Huq Muslim Hail. It forms one of the Halls of the Dhaka University. The Hall is managed by a Provost, and number of tutors. The present Provost is Mr. M. Safiullah. 

The Hall was originally a double-storeyed building. It consists of four rows of residential rooms enclosing a quadrangular courtyard laid with garden. A third storey of rooms has been recently built. Formerly there were 150 rooms, but now 75 more have been added. The main arch-way opens between rounded corners in the south. The entrance is quite simple, but the flanking rooms meant for the office and house tutors have on the top a prominent dome. There are six more such domes at the corners, two each at the southern corners and one at the northern ones. 

The arches are horse-shoe in the southern domes, but the interior row of arches that screen off the verandahs from the courtyard, are of four-centred pointed type. The building is poor in architectural details, and appears unsophisticated.

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