Nawab Shaista Khan s’ Mosque

Nawab Shaista Khan s’ Mosque Dhaka

The mosque is situated on the bank of the river Buriganga behind the Mitford Hospital (to the west of the Superintendent’s quarter), and can be approached from the Mitford Road by a lane passing between the hospital and the Medical School and going to the pacca Ghat, where one can also land by boat. According to an inscription over the central doorway, the mosque was built by Nawab Shaista Khan, but the year of its construction is lost. It must have been built during his first governorship, when he also erected a palace in this area. The present building is completely devoid of Shaista Khani features. It is said that the whole mosque was enveloped in fire, and the present restoration has been done by public works department, who have got the least idea of the history of architecture. The mosque is of the usual three-domed type with corner n1iflars. The arched entrances open under semi-domes. The battlemented drums, on which the domes rest, still retain their old style.


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