Tank and the Audience Hall

Tank and the Audience Hall Dhaka

In the middle between the north and south gates there is a line masonry tank. 235 feet square, now in a deteriorated condition. To the west of’ the tank, at a distance of 130 feet there is a double- storied building with subsidiary domed structures in the neighbourhood. This is reputed to be an audience hail. Its second storey might have served that purpose, hut of the bath, so much spoken of, nothing recognisable now remains. These have been so much renovated that they hardly merit any description. Still further to the west, at a distance of 275 feet, stands Bibi Pari’s tomb; and beyond that, at 170 feet still further to the west, there is a small three-domed mosque. We shall begin our description with the mosque, as it comes closer in style as well US in date to the South Gateway.

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