Sitara Begam’s Mosque in Singtola

Sitara Begam’s Mosque in Singtola Dhaka

Going eastward from this lane, we arrive at a little crossing of four lanes. Proceeding still further east and then on turning to the south we reach Singtola where is located Sitara Begam’s Mosque.
Sitara Begam was the wife of Ghulam Muhammad. She erected this mosque to commemorate the death of her husband in 1231 A.H. (A.D. 1819) —a date supplied by an inscription over the central doorway. The mosque stands on the western side of an embanked earth, and has a beautifully variegated facade. The line of its white-plastered wall is varied by a centrally projected surface, bordered by two octagonal minarets, and broken through in the middle by an arched entrance under a cusped semi-dome. A frame of rectangular panels further adds to the beauty. The side arched doorways, which make up the triple entrance of the Mughal style, are smaller and have single pilasters on either side. The parapet is enlivened with a row of blind merlons, behind which rise three bulbous domes, the central one being bigger than others. Each of them is resting on stumpy octagonal drum, and has merlons as basal ornament. The interior is a single neat hail. In short, the mosque faithfully copies post-Shaista Khani style of architecture. It has been recently repaired.

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