Khwaja Ambar’s Mosque

Khwaja Ambar’s Mosque Dhaka

On going ahead we meet, on our right side, Khwaja Ambar’s mosque at Karwan. It stands on a raised masonry platform built solidly of brick. A flight of steps on the east leads up to an arched gateway, having stone door-frame. On the right of the steps is a well excavated by Khwaja Ambar. The mosque has been recently repaired, and many alterations have been made. But its general features, with three domes, embellished facade, and a pleasing interior hall completely conform to the Shaista Khani style of architecture. The inscription, which is fixed over the central doorway, speaks of the erection of a mosque, a well and a bridge by Khwaja Ambar during the governorship of Shaista Khan. Another inscription over the mihrab is a verse from the Holy Qur’an. The most remarkable thing in this building is the use of stone at the mihrab, the pulpit and the arches. The stones are all black basalt, available in Bengal from Rajmahal hills.
To the north of this mosque is a table-tomb built of brick and mortar, where lies buried the builder.

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