Woman Dresses Up Her Baby In Her Own Old Dress That She Saved, Inspires People To Do The Same

Woman Dresses Up Her Baby In Her Own Old Dress That She Saved, Inspires People To Do The Same

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Some people preserve wedding dresses, some keep baby clothes – all to be passed on down to future generations. Hand-me-down clothes can often tell many family stories that go way back in time. Keeping such important pieces can be a form of remembrance that honors those who came before you. MiKayla is a Chicago-based freelance model and photographer whose mother saved a blue dress that MiKayla wore as a baby. Now that MiKayla has a daughter of her own, she dressed her up in the same pastel dress and snapped a photo. She then took it to Twitter to share the photo of her as well as her daughter in the same piece of clothing, that now has been worn by two generations. The thread on Twitter blew up unexpectedly and quickly went viral, gathering up more than 16k retweets and over 140k likes.
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This Chicago-based mom dressed up her baby with the same dress she wore as an infant

Image credits: FinessinGawd

Image credits: FinessinGawd
“My mom saved my dress all these years just for this moment right here,” MiKayla tweeted with a crying and purple heart emojis. The tweet instantly received a flood of likes and retweets with some users commenting that this photo is “literally the cutest thing I’ve seen!” and “that’s super beautiful.”
People found it incredibly cute and some were even inspired to start the tradition themselves

Image credits: Rowyal1

Image credits: Truly_Annie

Image credits: BrownskinMulan
Twitter users found the two pictures adorable and some were even inspired to start the tradition of passing down baby clothes as well. Others took notice of how incredibly similar the mother and her daughter look while commenting, “That’s the same child?” or “Yo, that’s your twin.”
While some literally thought that the two babies were one and the same person

Image credits: julianaaa__d

Image credits: 7amilola
Some people on the thread also shared photos of their babies in their own old clothes as well

Image credits: aambaa___
If you have baby clothes that you’d like to keep for future generations (or simply as a keepsake), there are several things that you should take into consideration. First of all, make sure that all the clothing is perfectly clean by laundering or dry cleaning each piece. Don’t forget to dry it properly before storing it away.

Image credits: _EiddyTOOPretty
Secondly, it’s important to choose the right type of storage container so that the clothes don’t turn yellow. Using storage boxes sold for archival storage is advisable, as they are made of acid-free paper.

Image credits: Dayle_Vally
Third, you may want to look into archival tissue paper. Remember that it must be acid-free as well as lignin-free. Before storing away the pieces, wash and dry your hands as creams and lotions tend to stain clothing. In addition to this, remove any metal buttons as they can rust or corrode, which causes staining. Finally, choose a cool and dry space for storage (avoiding attics, basements, garages) and inspect the clothes at least once a year just to make sure they’re in perfect condition.
Passing toddler clothes down to future generations has been a long family tradition for some people

Image credits: joeyheartbear
The picture above was posted on Reddit and captioned “This pink lace dress is 63 years old and has been worn by four generations of baby girls in my family.”

Image credits: tinkersmonkey77
These four pictures were shared on Reddit as well. On the far left, you can see the person’s grandmother, then mother, the person who posted it and finally – her daughter, all wearing the same dress.

Image credits: MacNana
These photos were shared on a blog – on the left, you can see a baby striking a pose back in 1992 and on the right – the son of that person wearing the same sweater.

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