YouTuber, MrBeast, Pledges To Plant 20M Trees With The Help Of 600 Other YouTubers

YouTuber, MrBeast, Pledges To Plant 20M Trees With The Help Of 600 Other YouTubers

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As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If you want to see the world change, you have to start with yourself.” And all the while, just as he must have had some small changes that would later catalyze some bigger change, some people just have to go big or go home. YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, more commonly known by his online alias, MrBeast, is certainly not one of the latter. After so many people all over social media urged him to celebrate getting 20 million subscribers on YouTube by planting a symbolic 20 million trees, he couldn’t say no and took up the challenge.
After hitting 20 million subs on YouTube, MrBeast was urged by people on various social media platforms to plant 20mln trees in celebration

Image credits: Mr Beast
After getting spammed on Twitter, Reddit and all over the comment section on his YouTube videos, MrBeast decided it was time to step up and just roll with the incredible idea of celebrating hitting 20 million subscribers on his channel by planting 20 million trees.
With a handful of friends, he managed to plant 300 trees on the first day

Image credits: Mr Beast
As it seems like a pretty difficult task for one person, he teamed up with 600 YouTubers with an impressive 650 million subscribers collectively. He felt the need to add that “we all realize 20 million trees won’t fix climate change. But at the end of the day 20 million more trees is better than 0! We want to take action because doing nothing is how we got here!”
He called out to his subscribers as well and managed to raise the number of planted trees up to 1,700 the next day

Image credits: Mr Beast
He partnered up with great creative minds such as Rhett & Link, Marshmello, AsapScience, Jeffree Star, Simone Giertz, The Try Guys and Mark Rober. Some of them brought their own twists to the idea and went on to search for the most efficient ways to plant such a huge amount of trees.
After realizing he’d need much more than that to achieve his goal, MrBeast partnered up with Arbor Day Foundation

Image credits: Mr Beast
Mark Rober, being the brilliant inventor and engineer that he is, tried planting trees using a massive drone and Linus from Linus Tech Tips completely stepped out of the box and built an actual tree-planting bazooka!
The foundation will plant a tree for every dollar donated

Image credits: Mr Beast
But the YouTuber community wasn’t the only one that MrBeast turned to. He urged his fans and followers to join him on this beautiful mission to help climate change by planting trees. He also teamed up with Arbor Day Foundation who will plant a tree for every dollar donated. They state that most of the trees planted will be native to a variety of state and national forests managed by government agencies.
All the revenue from this post will go to Arbor Day Foundation, so every share helps spread the word and plant more trees!
You can watch MrBeast’s video here

He also had other YouTubers jump in to help him

And while most people on the Internet fell in love with the idea, some had opposing views as well

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