Covered Van Rental

Mini and Big Covered Van Rental

You can hire covered van from us. We have any kinds of covered van.
We have 1 ton, 1 and half ton, 2 ton and so on for daily rental and monthly rental service. Our trusted and experiences service will charm you much. Any kinds of goods such as garments products, frozen foods, agricultural goods, industrial products or any other goods are transported to Dhaka or anywhere in Bangladesh with our covered van.
Hire a covered van

Hire a covered van


We keep lower rent than others. We offer our service from Dhaka to any cities in Bangladesh. We are not only cheap but also professional in this car rental field. You can securely shift your house or office furniture from one place to another in Dhaka or whole Bangladesh by using a covered van. Rain or sun will not hamper your valuable goods. Our labor will help you shifting your heavy loaded  goods without any damage.

Our covered van logistic support is available for all.

Khaled rent a car lorry

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