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Khaled Car Rental in Dhaka

Car rental in Dhaka guides you into a place of Parliament Building, Kawran Bazar, Lalbagh Fort, Armenian Church, Ahsan manzil, Shilpakala AcademyDhakeshwari Temple, Mariam Saleha’s Mosque, Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque, Liberation War Museum and many more. Dhaka is a chaos and densely populated city that shows you a different taste and experience every time you travel here. It’s no surprise the city of deep contrasts, great food — and “adda,” a city of shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, beauty parlors and glamorous gymnasiums, far-ranging philosophical conversations over tea is a well known the world over.  

Dhaka is a city of culture and diversity, and the Dhaka Lit Fest is a grand example of the inspiring atmosphere of the Bangladeshi capital with every step.

Take advantage of convenient ‘Khaled Rent A Car’ pick-up locations throughout the city, including at Shah Jalal International Airport and Kamalapur Railway Station. Reserve your rental car direct in advance; check out our wide car, microbus, bus, tourist coster selection, and you’ll be set to discover the delights of Dhaka with complete freedom. 

Driving In and Around Dhaka

Pickup Locations Dhaka

With a little planning, driving in Dhaka with the help of our expert drivers is a great way to get around the city. The vast main road that is spread everywhere basically North to South the city, with numerous junctions leading from it to the different corner. It’s by far the best way to reach different areas and districts of Bangladesh.

Our drivers obey the speed limits in Bangladesh are signed in kilometers per hour, and when driving in the city will typically be 40km/h, but always the driver check signs for the route that you are on. 

Outside of the city, the highways are called ‘Inter District Highways’ and these roads have no tolls to pay except some river bridges, some flyovers – but offer great, direct access to wider sights around the country. You can find out more by speaking to our staff.

Our drivers will not call over cell phones and will not use headsets for phone calls. These are illegal in Bangladesh when driving, and seat belts must be worn by all occupants of your car. The city also has a number of one-way streets and U-Loops in operation. Your best parking option is to use your hotel or resident parking or a paid car lot in the building.

Highway of Inter-districts travel in all directions from Dhaka. Gazipur Resorts are only a couple of hours away, north side on the center of Dhaka, and all of the resorts are beautiful, have full of green garden, pool, expensive foods and exquisite.

Head west to Dhaka there is a small town named Savar – this town also boasts a stunning National Martyrs’ Memorial as part of glorious freedom fighting history of Bangladesh.

East on the center of Dhaka you can go to visit a very ancient historical place named Sonargaon. It is situated in Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj District in Dhaka Division. Sonargaon is one of the old capitals of the historic region of Bengal and was an administrative center of eastern Bengal at 13th Century.

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