Mariam Saleha’s Mosque

Mariam Saleha’s Mosque Dhaka

This old mosque is standing in Babupara-Nilkhet area, lying on way to New Market to the right of the road immediately after the railway line [The railway line has now been laid through the eastern side of the Kawran Bazar. and a new road has been constructed on the old track, which has recently been named Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road]. To the mosque is attached a graveyard, in which the most important grave is of Shah Bagu Diwan Khaliqur Rahman. His son was Abdullah, and the latter’s daughter was Mariam Saleha who built the mosque in A. H. 11 18/A.D. 1706, according to an inscription tablet fixed over the central doorway on the eastern side.
 The mosque is built of brick and plaster in the typical Mughal style. It is an oblong building, 39’ by 13’ (internal measurement) with octagonal towers at the four corners. Above the parapet the towers are circular having fluted cap on the top. The eastern face is panelled showing the projection of the surface at the centre which has the arched doorway opening under a half-dome. The parapet above is horizontal in the usual Mughal style and is faced with blind merlons. The roof is covered by three shouldered domes, the central one is bigger than its fellows – all crowned with lotus finials. The interior of the mosque is divided into three bays by lateral arches, the side bays being reduced in size as in the Lalbagh Mosque. The domes have internally basal ornament. All the three mihrabs are semi-octagonal. Today a new verandah has been added on the eastern side, the roof of which is clumsily built of reeds.

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