Dhaka Medical College

Dhaka Medical College

It was originally meant for the Secretariat of the Government of Eastern Bengal and Assam, but after the annulment of the first partition of Bengal it was allotted to the University of Dhaka. The western portion of this building accommodated the students, first of Salimullah Muslim Hall and Jagannath Hall and later of Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall. In 1942 the western portion was occupied by the military for the wounded soldiers. After the partition of 1947 that portion has been permanently occupied by Medical College and Hospital, while the University has only eastern wing under its control. Very soon the Arts classes of the University will be shifted to a new building in Nilkhet area.

 The building is situated on the Secretariat Road; name originated from the fact of the Old Secretariat finding its lodgment here. Two monumental gateways lead into the compound – the eastern gate into the University and the western one into the Medical College. The main building, which is double-storeyed, is longitudinal, running east and west, to which extra wings have been attached at the two ends. A third block is added on the southern side behind the main central hail, through which access is provided from the projecting porch in front. On either side of this hall runs a corridor in between a row of rooms which have also outer verandahs running continuously. The two wings on eastern and western ends have similar corridor between a row of rooms and also extra porch at the sides. The central hail is marked by a crowning dome above a circular drum, pierced with windows, while the front of’ the hail is flanked by square towers having flat roof Such domes can also be seen in the eastern and western blocks. Arrangement has been made to let more light into the corridor through an extra well-ventilated square tower kept at a distance from the central hall on either side. The exterior has an effective appearance with its tall flat-arched openings that screen off the verandah and a continuous projected eve supported on brackets that distinguish the cornice. The dome is almost flat with external addition of brackets added to its drum. No attempt has been made to give height to the building. All along flatness and horizontality strike the eye. There is an effort to revive the 01(1 elements of local architecture, but these serve at best the ideal of symmetry and proportion. To this original building now several new additions have been made for outdoor patients, nurses’ home, College building and others.


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