Tomb of Hazrat Chishti Beheshti

Tomb of Hazrat Chishti Beheshti (Islam Khan Chishti)

The tomb is situated to the south of the High Court Building inside its compound. It stands on a raised plinth, but excepting for the ground-plan and the roof it has been extensively repaired. It is a single domed square building with a domical canopy of the North Indian type. Nothing is known about the person buried here. Hakim Habibur Rahman surmises that some relative of Islam Khan Chishti, the first Mughal Governor of Dhaka, is buried here.                                                                 
Mr. S. M. Taifoor believes that Islam Khan Chishti himself is buried here, as we are told in Baharistan, but he seems to be wrong in asserting that his tomb in Fatehpur Sikri, erected by Jahangir, is just a fake one. Mathir—ul—Umara definitely says that Islam Khan’s dead body was carried to Fatehpur Sikri. It may be that this was the place where originally Islam Khan’s dead body was temporarily kept, and after it was carried away, the name Chishti Beheshti lingered on in people’s memory.


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