Victoria Park

Victoria Park Dhaka

Victoria Park commemorates the name of the Empress Victoria. This park came into existence in the first half of the 19th century on the ruins of an old building, called Antaghar, which was a club house of the Armenians then living in large number in the neighbourhood. Later on, the English purchased the neighbouring house from the Armenians, and the club also was appropriated by them. But soon the building fell and remained in ruinous condition.

During the mutiny of 1857, the mutineers were hanged at this Spot. This park was developed mainly due to the efforts of’ Nawab Sir Abdul Ghani, the ancestor of the present Nawab of Dhaka. Inside the Park can be seen an obelisk, on which is inscribed on one side:

“In token of’ sympathy with the Nawabs Abdul Ghunny and Ahsunullah this obelisk has been erected by their European friends in affectionate remembrance of Khajeh Hafiz Ullah. July 8th 1884.”

On the other side it is engraved: “To Khajeh I Hafiz Ullah, son of’ Nawab Ahsunullah Khan Bahadur and grandson of’ Nawab Abdul Ghunny C. S. I.Born 28th January, 1868. Died 8th July, 1884.”

The park was oval in shape, and was enclosed within iron railing. Formerly four British cannons, embedded in earth marked the boundary of the former club house, but now these cannons have been taken out and kept inside the park. In Taylor’s lime the neighborhood had a different appearance. He writes: “At the junction of these streets, there is a small open space, which is laid out in the form of a square, with a circular garden in its center, and in the vicinity of this square, and along the bank of the river to the distance of half a mile, are situated the English Factory, St. Thomas’ Church, the Government School, the Native Hospital and most of the houses of the European residents.” Now the park is being changed into a Shahid memorial commemorating the martyrs of 1857 struggle for freedom.

On the river side there is another park, called Coronation Park, commemorating the coronation of Edward VII.

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