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Our specialist will help you finding a suitable pick up for your need. We have a great collection of pickup, such as Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota and we regularly rotated the model so that you can use whatever job you need it for.
All the pickups are four wheeler and we ensure the performance always. Whether it is double cabin or single, they are suitable for commercial use. You can also use those family use.

Vehicle: Half ton AC double cabin Pick up.

Hire a Double Cabin Pick Up

Hire a Double Cabin Pick Up

In Dhaka City: 

Rent: 56,000 Taka (Monthly body rent, excluding oil and gas),
Outside of Dhaka City:
Rent: 65,000 Taka (Monthly body rent, excluding oil and gas).
Gas: 11 taka/ Kilo
Oil: 15 taka/ Kilo
Duty: 8 AM to 6 PM
Overtime: 40 Taka/hour–without Oil/Gas.
 Holy Day: Friday (1 day in a week.)
If the client want to use the Pick up in holy day, they will be paid proportion to the monthly rate for 1 day or so.
Driver lunch: 100 Taka in Dhaka city. 200 Taka outside of Dhaka city.
Please compare it and hire us if you think we are reasonable enough.

More about pickup rent:

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