House Shifting Dhaka

House Shifting  Service Dhaka to Every where of Bangladesh

We are ready to give you a house shifting service in Dhaka. Not only in Dhaka, we will move your house or office any where in Bangladesh. We are second to none with our movers service. Moving your office or house is not hard now a days because of our labor & moving services.

Our Khaled moving company is one of the reputable and well known House Shifting company among the all moving companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Just call us for any kinds of removal jobs. We will use covered van for day time moving works in Dhaka city and will use pick ups or trucks at the night or for long distance.

We provide house shifting in Dhaka area. And also shift from Dhaka to other district. You can reliable and trust on us. Our expert labor and driver will shift your house without any hassle.

See the below prices or rent for House Shifting Dhaka.

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(i) Labor – Per labor 700 Taka up to 2nd floor to up to 2nd Floor. From 3rd floor 100 Taka will be added for per floor for each labor.

(ii) 1 Ton Pick up 1500 to 2400 Taka (Within 10 KM distance) – After that 30 tk per km.

(iii) 2 Ton Pick up 2000 to 2900 Taka (Within 10 KM distance) – After that 35 tk per km.

(iv) 3 Ton Pick up 3000 to 3900 Taka (Within 10 KM distance) – After that 40 tk per km.

(v) 5 Ton Truck 5000 Taka (Within 10 KM distance) – After that 50 tk per km.

For pickup or truck rent call Us Now!

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