Iqbal Hall and Womens’ Hall

Iqbal Hall and Womens’ Hall Dhaka

Iqbal Hall is situated to the west of Salimullah Muslim Hall and Women’s Hall lies on Nilkhet Road just close to the Vice- Chancellor’s residence. Both of them were originally hostels. In 1956 they were raised to the status of a Hall. Originally the place, where now Iqbal Hall stands, had hutments for the soldiers during the War. These huts lay vacant until they were occupied by the students coming from Calcutta and other places after the Independence. Later Government recognised it as a hostel and appointed a superintendent. Still later the University of Dhaka took it over and appointed Dr. Mafizuddin Ahmed as warden. The name Iqbal Hostel, and later Hall, was given by the students themselves. Now the huts have been removed and a two-storeyed building stands on this spot. The present Provost is Dr. Syed Sajjad Husain.


The Women’s Hall had also a small building. Now a new double-storeyed building has come up with a new house of the Provost in its compound. The present Provost is Mrs. Akhtar Imam.

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