Khaled Excavator Rental Service, Excavator, Excavator rental, Excavator hire in Dhaka

We have about 40 excavator for rent.  Choose your size from Hydraulic Excavators and
336E Hydraulic Excavator

336E Hydraulic Excavator

Mini-Excavator and call us now. Khaled excavator rental will provide with the trained driver. Make your construction easy and safe with the Khaled Excavator Service. You can use our excavator for general grading and landscaping, heavy lift work, digging, weight lifting, forestry work, demolition, removing, coal removing etc. We have up to 23-MPH travel speed
Our Cat Family Excavators will provide you with more working advantages. All your need will be fulfilled with more digging depth,  greater reach, material handling, more maneuverability, more power, higher breakout force, more lift capacity  or more swing torque.


Excavator rental Bangladesh

Coal works-Excavator rental Bangladesh

Excavator rental Dhaka

Dressing–Excavator rental Dhaka

Excavator rental in Bangladesh

Weight lifting—Excavator rental in Bangladesh

Excavator rental

Digging–Excavator rental


304E CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator

304E CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator


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