Payment Method

Choose your Payment Method

You can make payment by any one of the following method to Khaled Rent a Car:

1. Office visit:

Come to our Khaled rent a car office and make a payment and get the money receipt.

2. Cash On After Service (COAS)

Give the payment to the driver after finishing your travel. No worry about cash payment. All drivers who are sending to you are reliable and trusted.

3. Bkash

Make a Bkash payment through Marchant account or Personal account.:

bkash Payment

3.1. Marchant Bkash Account


(Bkash Payment – Marchant Account Number)

a) Go to Payment option

b) Counter Number : 0

3.2. Personal Bkash Account


(Bkash Send Money- Personal Account Number)

4. Bank Deposit

Deposit to the bank account:

4.1. Business Account

Bank Name: Premier Bank Limited

ACC Name: Khaled Rent A Car

ACC Number: 18611100000255

Branch Name: Pallabi Branch

Routing Number: 235263588


4.2. Personal Account

Bank Name: Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd

ACC Name: Abu Khaled Mosharof Sabuz

ACC Number: 115.101.408364

Branch Name: Mirpur 1 Branch

Routing Number: 090262982


5. Credit Card:

Pay by your International debit or credit card with the secure PayPal gate way:


Send money to the master card : Payoneer :

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