Baldha Garden

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“So many countries were traveled but couldn’t find like this kind of green country anywhere. The simplicity of this countryman and land, their true love won’t be forgotten.” Many foreigners tell like this kind of words after visiting this Bangladesh. Surrounded by red and green flag, this small country is as like as a peculiar gift of the nature. Today we are going to tell about Baldha Garden.

Many visiting places like parks, gardens and architectural beauty are built in this six season’s country. Baldha Garden is one of them. At the eve of twentieth century (1905 AD) Vaoal Zamindar Narendra Narayan Roy Chaudhury built this garden with his own choice.

Baldha Garden

Baldha Garden

He collected verities of flowers, plants and trees from visiting many countries of the world. It is said that the Baldha Garden is the museum of flowers and trees. But truly there had a museum. There were some metal monuments. Baldha Garden was the center of culture and enjoyment of the rich people at the end of nineteenth century. There held musical program every day.

Hrishiksh built a rose garden like this Baldha Garden. But there is nothing without a house now. It has two parts. One is Sibili and other is Saiki. Sibili means the goddess of nature and saiki means the soul. These two words come from Greek language. The main attractions of the Sibili are Shonkhonod pond, Camellia, Golden Ashoke, African tulip. Besides, there have sun clock, joy house, fern house. Sun clock gives accurate time at the sunny days.

The main attractions of the Saiki are red, blue, white, yellow types of water lily. There are many water lily houses. Rare types of cactus, orchid, anthurium, vujupot tre, peculiar Bokul, Amazone Lily, artificial cave with shadow tree are also found there. But general visitors will not be permitted to the Saiki part. Only the student of botany or researchers can be allowed to visit there. Generally there are seven types of botany reserve in this garden.

There are total 15 thousands examples of 672 types of species here. Many are from foreign countries and rare. The name of Rabindranath Tagore is associated with this Garden. Great poet guru was surprised to see the various kinds of flower garden. He created the great poem “Camelia”  by the influence of seeing the beauty of ‘camelia Japonica’. Besides he kept name for many foreign flower.

The development of the garden was stopped fully when Noren Chy was died at 1943. The garden was damaged heavily by the foreign British rulers. Some necessary steps were taken in the Pakistani period but that was not sufficient and that was not last. After the liberation the Baldha Garden gets his previous natural beauty by the help of Department of Forestry.

A bloody sympathetically history is laid behind this Baldha Garden. Noren Chy’s house was in this Baldha Garden. Nripen chy who was the son of Noren Chy was famous to his friend circle by his own merit. He has a step mother in his house. He had no collision with his step mother but she hated his step son. One night Nripen went to sleep to his house (present Baldha Garden) as usual. The ever green Baldha is stand out on the drops of bloods and dead body. There are growing green trees and various kinds of flowers with the blood fertility.  The Baldha is crowded everyday by the thousands of visitors from the home and abroad now.

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