Churihatta Mosque

Churihatta Mosque Dhaka

The Churihatta Mosque is situated in the Churihatta quarter of the city near the Chauk. A lane by the north side of the Chauk mosque leads to it, but a motorable road comes from the Urdu Road, just from the south-west corner of the Jail.

The mosque was constructed by a Mughal officer, Muhammad Beg, in 1649 when Prince Shah Shuja was the viceroy of Bengal. Tradition says that the mosque stands on the site of a former temple, which was destroyed and this fact receives partial confirmation from the inscription. But the present building was decidedly not a temple, as the rumour goes. It is out and out a mosque. The eastern facade of the original mosque is panelled and each of the three doorways opens through two successive arches, pointed and four-centred. The parapet is laced with blind merlons and the corners have the usual minars. The interior has three, mihrabs on the west and a row of rectangular panels above the head line. Side doorways admit light. A modern verandah has been added on the cast, and another will be soon added on the north.


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