On way to Tejgaon

On way to Tejgaon Dhaka

The present Mymensingh Road, [renamed now Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue] which leads to Tejgaon, is the old Mughal Trunk Road, constructed by Mir Jumla, and over which passed for number of years the Mughal cavalry towards the eastern frontier. The Tejgaon area was then occupied by European settlers. Here was to be found the first English factory and garden on the site now occupied by Agricultural Farm. [The whole area has undergone so much change one would hardly recognize the described features.] The Portuguese mission still continues in its old place (but now handed over 10 the Americans). The French garden lay on the right side of the road while the Dutch garden stretched on the left.
Khwaja Ambar’s Bridge
Khwaja Ambar’s Mosque
Tejgaon Church
Tongi Bridge

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