Tejgaon Church

Tejgaon Church Dhaka

Tejgaon Church is the oldest existing church in Dhaka. It belonged to the Portuguese Mission, the history of which has already been told. Dr. Taylor writes: “The church of Tezgong, in the vicinity of Dhaka, is said to have been founded by St. Augustine Missionaries prior to 1599, but it is probable from the close resemblance of this church to the Nestorian places of worship in the south of India, that it was originally built by the Christian merchants mentioned by Vertomannus, and that it was subsequently repaired or rebuilt by the Roman Catholic Missionaries.” This date and the remark given by Dr. Taylor do not conform to the history that has been given earlier by us.
 The church, which was originally built in A.D. 1677, has undergone repairs a number of times, the last being in 1940. It consists of a long rectangular hail, containing all the requirements of a basilican church with its nave and aisle, the narthex and the bema, except the apse which makes here a small square. The old wooden roof has been completely replaced by a modern one, the support still being the earlier circular brick columns, which were probably put here subsequent to 1677. On the eastern side the corners have hollow minars, capped cupolas, originally having images. The eastern facade is a harmonious blend of Christian and Mughal elements. The cusped arched entrance flanked with twin fluted pillars, the panelled face, and the deeply curved projected eve recall the Shaista Khani style of architecture. But the gable- end with its triangular pediment, containing the figure of Mary with a babe, and the pillars having zigzag pattern are absolutely Christian. The gable-end suggests that probably in the original building the roof was triangular in section, but now we have flat roof.

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