Musa Khan ki Masjid Dhaka

The mosque is situated in the north-western corner of the Dhaka Hall [now designated as Shahidullah Hall] compound. This area was formerly known as Bagh-i-Musa Khan. Musa Khan, the son of the famous Barabhuinya Zamindar Isa Khan, surrendered to Islam Khan and was later allowed to pass his life in peace. This mosque is said to have been constructed by him, but the style of architecture is Shaista Khani, and it seems that the real builder was Munawar Khan, the son of Musa Khan, who probably constructed it in the time of Shaista Khan, or even later. 

The mosque stands on a high platform, underneath which are living rooms. Its panelled facade with its three arched doorways, each opening under a semi-dome, ornamented parapet, shouldered domes, each resting on battlemented drum, corner minars with extra minarets by their sides all bear such close resemblance with the mosque of Haji Khwaja Shahbaz that they cannot be far removed in date. The only difference is the high platform that we notice here, and the absence of the beautifully cusped lateral arches in the interior. The mosque has been recently repaired and the panelled decoration of the facade has been much altered.

To the north-east of the mosque lies the grave of Musa Khan.


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