Dhaka Neighborhood 
There are quite a good number of interesting as well as historical places in the neighborhood of Dhaka, some of which lie on the roads approachable by motor while others can be visited by enthusiasts by boat during the rains and winter. A trip outside Dhaka is always enjoyable. The greenery of the countryside, the simplicity of the life of the villagers and monuments in their romantic ruins provide the needed diversion from the busy life of the city. 
The most interesting remains lie on the Dhaka-Narayanganj road which follows the Buriganga River for quite a long distance. Narayanganj can also be approached by Demra road which passes through Bawani Jute Mill, Adamjeenagar, Dhakeswari Cotton Mill, Chittaranjan Cotton Mill and other industrial concerns, all of which are situated along the Lakhya River. One can as well take a boat from Sadarghat and go direct to Narayanganj, or go by car to Demra and take a boat there and go down the current of the Lakhya. At Narayanganj one can cross over the river Lakhya and go to the rural market centre at Nabiganj and see the venerated Qadam Rasul building, or go to Bandar and see the Fort of Sonakanda and the tomb of Haji Baba Saleh, or by launch go over to Munshiganj – the famous place of fragrant bananas of East Pakistan – and see Idrakpur Fort, or go to Mir Qadim and walk to the ruined cities of old Rampal and Vikrampur. From Nabiganj a footpath leads to Sonargaon. In between Adamjeenagar and Demra a new road to Chittagong is under construction. This road after crossing the river Lakhya passes through Sonargaon. At Demra there is a ferry to take the car over to the other side and one can follow the newly built road up to the business centre of Narsingdi. In the vicinity of this new road one can also see some old historical places.
 Another important direction, where one can go by car, is along the Mymensingh road, which passes Tongi, an old market place, Mannonagar, a new industrial town with a newly-built fine mosque, Jaydevpur, (which is actually three miles away from the main road but has an old palace and fine picnic spots), and finally to Mirzapur, about 60 miles distance, which has a famous hospital and other charitable institutions founded by the great philanthropist R. P. Shah.
Still another route is the Mirpur road which leads to the medieval Dargah of Hazrat Shah Ali Baghdadi. then goes along the Sabhar dairy farm, leaves behind on the left and right some historical places of old like Sabhar and Rajasan, and after crossing the Banshi river by ferry we reach Dhamrai, a peculiar relic of old, which was once a famous centre of muslin industry and even now well-known for its bronze ware. The town is a peculiar amalgam of Hindu Banias and Pathan peasants. This road leads right up to Aricha, this side of the great meeting place of the Padma and Jamuna, the other side being Goalando ghat.


Dhaka -Narayanganj Road     Qadam Rasul at Nabiganj    Sonakanda Fort at Bandar      Tomb & Mosque of Haji Baba Saleh     Sonargaon           Idrakpur Fort at Munshiganj          Mosque of Baba Adam Shahid         Vikrampur      Muazzampur      Mirpur Dargah   Sabhar         Dhamrai

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