Chowk Bazar Mosque

Chowk bazar Mosque Dhaka

The mosque is situated to the west of the Chowk bazar. An inscription over the central doorway of the original building informs that it was built by Nawab Shaista Khan in 1086 A.H. (A. D. 1676). It is built in the Shaista Khani style of architecture, and stands out most prominently in the Chowk bazar.
The mosque stands on a high platform, 10 feet high and 94’ by 80’ in dimension. Underneath the platform are rooms, let out to shopkeepers yielding sufficient income to keep it in good repairs. This income has also enabled the care-takers to make elaborate extensions to the mosque on the east and south. The original mosque measures 53’ by 26’ and is surmounted by three domes. The eastern facade has panel decorations, and the central doorway, as usual, is set in a projected fronton. The usual corner minars and the minarets in between further add to the embellishment. The interior hail has been completely renewed. The mihrabs are now studded with lustral pieces of enamel, and the floor is laid with marble.

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