Anglican Church

Anglican Church Dhaka

Anglican Church is situated on Johnson Road, to the north of’ Victoria Park. The building of this church was completed in 1819, and it was consecrated on Sunday, the 10th July, 1824, by Bishop Heber, when he visited Dhaka. The other date, 1872, given for its consecration is obviously wrong. This church is connected with the Church of England. The present person in charge is the Bishop, the Right Reverend J. S. Blair.

The building is typical of the church style found in Indo-Pak subcontinent. It consists of a rectangular hall, divided into a central nave and side aisles by two rows of brick pillars with the main service platform, on eastern side, slightly raised. Externally, two verandahs, with sloping roofs, have been added on the north and south, and a porch on the vest. The steeple is square, carried up to two stages higher than the roof, each stage having window openings, the topmost having also a clock. The roof of the main ball is flat, resting on wooden girders. At the four corners can be seen smaller steeples. Above the cornice moulding the parapet is well marked by short pillars at intervals. The arches at the doorways and windows are Gothic, but those at the main tower are four-centered and pointed. The piers have rectangular panels worked in plaster.

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